Liam & Stella’s DIY Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I wanted to share the DIY Valentines that Liam & Stella made for their classes! They made homemade party poppers – such a fun and easy craft that you can do with your kiddos.

DIY Valentines

– Empty toilet paper roll
– Gift wrapping paper
– Curling ribbon
– Crinkle cut paper shreds
– Assorted goodies for inside (We did pencil erasers, chocolates, sweetheart candies, stickers, and foam hearts)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just put the goodies inside of the empty toilet paper rolls, add some crinkle cut paper, wrap the rolls in with gift-wrapping paper, tie the ends with curling ribbon and add a personalized tag.

Super easy to make and we did a fun assembly line to put them all together!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hug all your love bugs today…

T xoxo

  • Claudia

    So cute! I love that Syella is wearing Curly Valentine hairclips! So awesome!

  • Candy S

    Having the kids give their friends candy in an empty toilet paper roll? That’s crap! The days of having a separate gift wrap room at the Manor are long gone!

    • Pnut

      Wow–you’re nasty.

    • Lori Lafferry

      Wow…..Rude Rabbit!

    • Linda Rabe-Frady

      Candy, you obviously don’t belong here. Spew you vitriol elsewhere.

    • Linda Rabe-Frady

      Candy, you obviously don’t belong here. Spew your vitriol elsewhere.

    • RNW

      You’re a strange one.

    • patricia diaz

      I don’t see you lending an open hand!!!!
      Great Idea to get the kids involved, its not always about money woman its called being creative……

  • Linda Rabe-Frady

    Great idea for the little ones, especially with the snow days we have had.

  • Jeansjunk

    Super cute idea!

  • sha

    is that sanitary

  • sha

    is this even sanitary?

    • Laurie Carr Durant

      I actually thought the same thing. But, the kids look so cute and proud of their Valentine favors, I didn’t want to mention it.

  • robbie klein SNL

    happy val day torri – robbie klein & kids saturday night live

  • robbie klein SNL

    adios candy

  • Cheryl

    Why wouldn’t it be sanitary? What’s on your hands when you reach for clean tissue. Very cute idea. Creative and fun. Love it!

    • Karen W

      Ummm…microscopic bacteria from poo?

    • Guest

      cheryl – The spray from the toiletbowl when you flush is enough to make you sick. It lands on everything within a 5 foot radius of the toilet. The toilet seat is actually the most sanitary object in the bathroom – it’s everything else you have to worry about!

      Btw, DON’T leave your toothbrush sitting out on a bathroom counter! Ever!

  • Karen

    For those dissing the toilet paper rolls, you could alternatively cut up paper towel rolls instead, maybe even a little smaller. Either way, both of these have been used for decades for many kids’ crafts, pretty sure it’s not causing health issues.

  • Mariann Mattes

    you can buy brand new empty rolls….in craft stores…if you are worried about germs

  • Julia

    Where did you find such nice wrapping paper?

  • Kristyn Smith

    Love this idea!

  • marie-line MARRA

    its a great wonder that Liam and Stella are making we are so proud of them. they are so formidables, congratulations for Liam and Stella