Haute Hattie: Geek Chic

Haute Hattie: Geek Chic

Say cheese! Hattie Cat is looking geek-chic in this adorable ensemble. She picked out every piece of this outfit, right down to the glasses!

Hattie threw on a striped and polka dot dress and paired it with navy leggings and her fave turquoise slip-ons. She finished the look with her pink backpack, purple glasses complete with a pink bow (Stella-approved!), and kept her poodle stuffed animal close by.

Do your little ones like to dress themselves? What’s the craziest outfit they’ve put together lately?


  • Laurie Carr Durant

    Simply adorable!

    • D L

      Hey Laurie! Hope you’re having a great week and still dodging those psycho soccer moms 😀

      • Laurie Carr Durant

        Ha! Some of the soccer moms are mean…LOL! Have a good day!

  • D L

    Flashback #VioletAnneBickerstaff #SavedByTheBell #FollowinginMommy’sFootsteps

  • Annie

    Oh my word this is absolutley adorable!!!

  • Sheri Shepard

    hattie is going to be a stylish chic just like her big sister *stella* <3 it!

  • Becky Grayson

    So adorable!! The grandkids are old enough to pick out their own and the youngest (7) comes up with some doozies :)

  • Cara Helm

    My son wears a superman costume with a brown leather belt his grandpa gave him and some of my old socks that he pulls up to look like boots….

  • mary

    what a cutie

  • Susan

    She is 100% adorable!

  • Dorothea Daniels

    How totally cute is she!!! Thanks for sharing your babies with us all.

  • Yvonne Roberts

    playing dress up in grandma’s bathroom..

    • Yvonne Roberts

      I love the socks..
      and the wrist bands..

  • Amanda

    Would love to know where I can get shoes like Hatties. They are so cute!

  • OhConservative

    Your beautiful girls are amazing fashin mavens! They have so much style, they take after their gorgeous Mommy! I love your family. Looks like youhave lots of fun there in your pretty house!

  • Susan Grayson

    OMG!! I really love this sooo much! Hattie is such sweet doll and ADORABLE! Yes, she is really Geek CHIC DIVA!!!!

  • Teri Boudreau

    when my son shaun was little ,everything had to be lion king….from underwear to pants and shirts to a sweatshirt and or coat…… i never thought he would tire of it..hahahah… but he was sooooo cute

  • Sonja

    Those glasses remind me of when Tori played “Violet” on Saved by the Bell! Too cute!

  • Candacie Riggins


  • Amber

    Super chic, love the glasses!

  • Jennifer N.

    Awww :)

  • Myeleah

    So very sweet!

  • StacyAnn

    She is so cute! I think that Hattie looks the most like you and your dad’s side of the fam. The eyes maybe?