Milestone Monday: Finn Goes to the Zoo

Finn Goes to the Zoo

A few weeks ago Finn hit another first – his first trip to the zoo! And as you can see in the photo, he was absolutely mesmerized. He was especially fascinated by the monkeys… he laughed so hard at their antics. Finn’s totally an animal lover, just like his mama!

Finn was super excited to see all of the animals, especially the ones he’d never seen before – it was so much fun watching him take it all in.

Have your little ones hit any milestones recently? Share them in the comments!



  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/OurMasonsJar Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Finn is ADORABLE, such a little man! My Mason, amazes me every day! This weekend, he discoverd that our pomeranian isn’t alwaaays a “good girl” so he pointed his finger at her and said “bad girl” BUT still gave her a treat! True Besties♥

    Thanks to all who have shopped at my little shop & I do hope you take a peek for all of your mini-Valentine Sweeties!

    • Princess M

      Stay strong!!You’re a great woman!!Sending you hugs and you have great friends!
      One day at a time

  • Nan Vanlaningham

    Wonderful Tori sounds like he loved , all your children are absolutely beautiful but so amazing how Finn looks just like his mama beautiful / handsome boy!!

  • Pamela Joy Vanatta

    What a cutie look at those precious lips

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Aww how fun! We love the zoo too! My little girl just started walking, so that’s her most recent milestone! We are enjoying watching her walk around like she is drunk :)

  • Laurie Carr Durant

    Such a beautiful baby! Looks just like you!

  • Tiffany

    Hang in there Tori. You can do anything, your a Mama with beautiful babies.

  • Mariana DingleHopper

    Finn is gonna break some hearts 😉

  • GammaJanica

    Our 13 month old Granddaughter started walking last week…. :)

  • mary

    cute ..any reason why the kid has lipstick on

    • Cinn van horn

      It’s Photoshop Photographers love that crap, they do it when the photo is compromised in some way

    • CRC

      My son’s lips look like that, and always have, just with colorless lip balm. I seriously doubt this candid photo was photoshopped. Geez.

  • Deborah

    So adorable tori. Luv u, luv your family. Hang in there, I have for 33 years even through some serious bumps I sure didn’t cause. But what doesn’t kill you, and you work through together can make you stronger, (yes, even as a couple and ALWAYS as a family.) If life were always easy, we wouldn’t always enjoy the highs as much as we do! hugs, deb

    • deborah

      And loving the ninja turtle outfit. My son who is now 30 was totally in “wuv” with the little green guys way back when TOO!!! Wonder if u can get the undies in adult sizes?!!!lol

  • MegB

    My sweet baby boy is low crawling! Ps- Finn is sooo handsome! Xo

  • Stephanie

    He is a doll baby. My 9 month grand-daughter Honor has learned to crawl!

  • Momof4

    Why is going to the zoo a milestone . There are many kids with delays and fight for milestones everyday,zoo not one of them

    • Connie

      why do you feel the need to be mean? that’s so sad. You’re a poor spirited person. It’s just a mistake in her choice of descriptive words..why couldn’t you just let it go? need to feel superior?

    • SoCalMama

      Momof4 must be a real picnic to live with. Do you pee in your kids Cheerios too?

    • Deana Hill-Sandberg

      so Mean. why would you write this even

  • Stephanie Valdez

    my twin boys have been starting to talk outside of the twin talk. they say the most amazing things every day. when dora comes on they shout dory and start to dance. yup they call dora dory lol

  • Marilyn Mel

    What a handsome boy , with those long eyelashes . He
    is getting so big .Seems like just yesterday he was born…….

  • crc

    My giant wee person (he’s nearly 7 years and 4’9″!) is nearly done losing teeth and well on the way to all his permanents coming in. So wild! I think everyone’s definition of a milestone is different. I would call this a fun first for Finn, and think you should call it whatever you want. It should be obvious you aren’t intending to offend anyone.

  • Beth

    Awww So Precious! he looks just like you Tori :) Beautiful!

  • Jennie Moore

    I no longer have little little ones, but my youngest,8, is loving the Food Network: Chopped. Her milestones are interesting at this age: having a solid knowledge of the types of cooking, machines, and cooking knowledge that at 41 I am just learning. Have a great night!

  • Diana

    Finn looks so adorable. You are certainly blessed! :)

  • Discoverey

    J’adore le regard de votre adorable petit bout de chou, il a l’air totalement captivé par ce qu’il découvre :)

  • RaginCajun

    That baby boy is so precious! Love the hair, long eyelashes and the pouty lips!! Just darling.

  • Deana Hill-Sandberg

    Can I just say He is the cutest little guy!! Look at those lips!! You 2 make the prettiest babies!! <3