Liam & Stella’s New Year’s Resolutions


I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day spent with family and friends! Yesterday I asked Liam and Stella what their New Year’s Resolutions were, and their responses were WAY too cute not to share.

Liam’s New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. To have more fun
  2. Not take a bath everyday
  3. Get lots of games on my Kurio
  4. Go out to dinner more with our Uncles and friends
  5. Take care of my new guinea pig Mike McDermott
  6. Have more play dates with my cousin Simone

And then he said, “That’s all my New Years Revolutions!” It was too cute to correct him 😉

Stella’s New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Spend more time with my little sister and brother Hattie & Finn
  2. Play and craft more with Mom & Dad
  3. More pillow fights
  4. Make cake pops for my family and friends
  5. Learn to walk in high heels

Adorable, right? Made my heart melt.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


  • Mariana DingleHopper

    I strangely didn’t make any resolutions this year, I figure you do the best as a parent, friend, and also you can’t really change the things you like..unless it’s something serious like an addiction (food, drinking ect) ok too much seriousness right!!!??

  • derblum

    Too cute resolutions Liam and Stella!
    Resolutions of the derblum family is to be always happy in 2014. Nathou.Franck. Liam.

  • Tracey Charles

    Too cute! Those are good ones!

  • mycreativeresolution.com

    My resolution is to draw, paint, and create my way through 2014 and I started blogging to keep myself motivated. I’m a long time fan from your 90210 days and now a huge fan of your blog. I loved Craft Wars! All the best in 2014!

  • Myeleah

    Mike the guinea pig! Love it! I second his ‘revolution’ to have more fun! I may need to borrow that one.

  • JuliaHarvardGrad

    This pic of the kids is adorable and I love how their outfits are “matchy”. I was not fond of the rocker chic thing for such a young girl (and while I got called down on that, mark my words, there are crazies out there who would find that pic provocative) but here, Stella is so sweet as a little girl should be. They have time enough to grow up. Her pretty little daffodil yellow dress, gold shoes and Liam’s outfit made me think of ahhhhh….fresh flowers, and spring. To me, Liam resembles a little Randy Spelling and Hattie looks like her Grandmother Candy while the other tots are totally McDermott…at least that is what I perceive. But they always change! My new year’s resolution is simple: Wishing ONLY good things for good people.

  • Diana

    How are they doing so far with their resolutions?

  • Evey

    Best ever! I need some Revolutions on my own! Ha ha