Exciting News: Mystery Girls

Mystery GIrls

I have HUGE news to share with all of you! A project that is very near and dear to my heart, and something I’ve been working on for a while now, will be coming to a TV near you very soon! Mystery Girls, the show that I created, am starring in and producing, along with my dear friend Jennie Garth, has been picked up by ABC Family. We start production soon and I can’t wait to document the whole experience and share it with you right here!

Mystery Girls is about two former TV show starlets (played by Jennie and myself) who starred in a detective show, and are brought back together by a real-life mystery. I was lucky enough to team up with an amazingly talented writer Shepard Boucher who brought my vision to life and wrote such a great show. I couldn’t be prouder or more excited!

The show will make it’s debut in the coming months, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all things Mystery Girls right here on ediTORIal.


  • jessie

    congrats!!!! SO exciting!!!!! can’t wait to watch

  • Sheila

    I can not wait to watch!!

  • Colleen

    I will watch – love you two as actresses! Yeah!!

  • Hilary

    That is fantastic news Tori!!!

  • Jessica Miranda Rhoades

    It will be so much fun to see the 2of you back together. Break a leg!

  • Kim Coffin Manter

    Awesome news! You both have such good comedic timing too, I hope it’s a funny show so your talent can shine :)

  • Jill

    Yay will be watching!

  • Lindsey

    Kelly and Donna are back! Loving thing :)

  • Carmen Cotto

    Omg!! I love these girls!! Can’t wait!!

  • Marci Corwin

    Sounds like I am going to be watching this-The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…You are so talented and I think you get some of those attributes from your dad and your crafty and creative ways from your Mother–Good Luck!! :)

  • Samantha

    I am so sad I won’t be able to watch this! ABC Family just recently launched a new program where you have to sign in with a tv provider in order to watch their content online. It puts those of us that can’t afford cable/satellite out of reach of their programming. I hope despite all the viewers the network is losing because of this it won’t affect how successful your show can be!

    • hollywolfley

      Same situation here. I just discovered it last night trying to watch The Bachelor. :(

    • Jenn Terry

      ABC and ABC family episodes will be available on hulu 8 days after they air. I’m in the same boat. Better late than never!

  • Valerie Brown Langone

    Yes!!!! So excited!!!

  • Cyndie Wolford

    I am so excited! Love you both…can’t wait to see Jenni back on tv!

  • Valerie

    Yay! Can’t wait to watch! Love you both!

  • Shayla

    congrats, tori, cant wait to see it.

  • Taryn

    Super excited, especially since I can’t catch episodes of BH90210 on soapnet anymore.

    • Myeleah

      I miss watching the breakfast in bed marathons they had on Sat.s!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    My two favorite Beverly high grads are back!!!!! Yay!!!!

  • Adam Poch – BB13

    Good luck Tori & Jennie! Cannot wait to see you two on my TV again!

  • JennyGirl

    My two favorite Beverly high grads are back together!!!

  • April L Watkins

    Lovely cant wait.

  • Elisa Poggio

    WOW! Good Luck Tori and Jenny :-)

  • Lisa Kellerman


  • Samantha Cunnningham

    love it!!! its like nancy drew :)

  • Talina Perkins

    Exciting news indeed. :) Congratulations! I’ll definitely be watching!

  • Jenn Terry

    Sounds like fun

  • Chaunte Reyes

    Yay congrats you two, Can’t wait =]

  • BethanyK

    Have been looking forward to this show for a while!

  • Jessi

    So excited! Now Brian Green can do a guest appearance Ha!!!

  • Phyllis

    That’s awesome! Congratulations! I’ll be watching and supporting! Best wishes!

  • jcavila

    Fantastic news. Can’t wait!

  • Phyllis

    Congratulations! How exciting! I’ll be watching & supporting!

    • Candacie Riggins

      I love me some Tori, wish you could write your real kids into the show, that would be a bonus-Stella and Dean, the other two are too young I think, anyway, good luck , see ya soon.

  • Daytan

    Americas Sweetheart Tori

  • Daytan

    Congrats Kelly And Tori

  • peasoup


  • Lisa

    Looking forward to seeing it. Even though you both have a large fan base and cant wait to see the two of you together, I still wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!!

  • Steph

    Exciting news, Tori. So happy for you. Fun to work with a friend who has loved and cared for you for so many years. Hugs.

  • Kristina

    Congrats! Really happy for you and looking forward to watching both of you!

  • Kimberly

    I cannot wait to watch!! :)

  • Michelle Netting

    Extremely Excited!!! I was a 90210 lover back in the day. I LOVE these to gals because they are and seem relatable, down to earth, NOT all HOLLYWOOD!!! The PAIR will be GREAT together!!

  • Taylor Cindy

    great news!!!!

  • Andrea Worley

    Ahh that’s so exciting! Love you both and so excited to see you working on a project together again!

  • Elva Maya Aguero


  • Paula

    So Happy for YOU!!! Can’t wait to watch!!!

  • Kelley Lyons-Spencer

    Way to go Tori!!!!!

  • Lisa Ann French Nadalin

    There’s no mystery that you and Jenny will be fantastic together! All the best. Can’t wait!

  • Elyneda

    WOOOOOOOO Can’t wait!



  • Margaret Culberhouse

    Wishing u the best of luck!

  • keith andrews

    I hope the put Mystery Girls right after Melissa & Joey on Wednesday night ABC Family.

  • doreenmcgettigan

    love, love,love!!

  • susan morris

    I’m SO EXCITEDDDDD. congrats!!


    Congrats to you both! I will def b looking forward 2 cing you both onscreen again soon.

  • cindie

    That’s so great, I enjoyed watching you and your family and now seeing you again on t.v. What a great opportunity for you and Jennie. I will be watching.

  • Jen

    Yay! very exciting news. =)

  • Ali Bratcher Wilkinson

    I just finished your last book – I am so happy for you!!! Best wishes!

  • Casey Carroll-knaak

    No more 90210, time to grow up now and watch Jenni and Tori as Mystery Girls. Good luck, Tori.

  • Jazzzy

    So excited, can’t wait…CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3 <3

  • angie

    Awesome News can’t wait..

  • Jackie Bogg

    CONGRATS!!!! That is very exciting news can’t wait to watch 😀

  • lis

    So So Super excited for you! Can’t wait!!!

  • Kat Becks

    Great news Tori! Yay! Love you!

  • suzie

    Super excited to read this! I have always hoped for a 90210 cast reunion TV series!! Can’t wait to watch! Air date?

  • Maggie Reyes

    Love it already! Can’t wait!

  • Lori J.

    Good for u both. I’ll be tuning in. Really ms. yur other show. Liked seeing the kids.

  • Tina

    Very excited!! You are the only star that I even follow!! I have always liked you as Donna and I even named my first child Tori after you!! You are an amazing role model, mom and wife!! You also keep your head up no matter what life throws your way and do everything you can for your family!! You are smart, funny and driven!! I have no doubts that no matter what life throws at you that you will always come out on top!! But its because of your passion, hard work and family!!


    Glad to see you are back on tv , TORI & Jenny !

  • SkipTrace

    Maybe you can pay some of your bills now.

  • Elia Maldonado

    looking forward to seeing both of you in action!!!!!

  • Myeleah

    Can’t wait to see you & Jennie back on the small screen! Please give a heads up well in advance, TY!

  • Peggy Lynch

    best wishes on your new show. you can do it girl.

  • denise

    love it!

  • Heather

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to watch! :-)

  • Inge Wimpel

    Cant wait Tori,i hope they will show it in the Netherlands too 😀

  • sam

    So So So happy! But I need both acting Tori and tori and dean family show! I am so freaking mad that Oxygen would choose to not continue your show!!!

  • JillAbbott

    I canNOT wait for this!!!! Such a great idea and will tune in every week!!!

  • JillAbbott

    Good luck to you both! It’s going to do great!

  • Tabetha Thompson

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Gael

    excited to watch the two of you together again!!!!

  • Darren Martin

    SUPER excited for this! So proud of you T!! :)

  • Halle LaFontaine

    You work your butt off and are so deserving of this success! Your father would be so proud of you, Ms. Producer. :)

  • Diana

    I can not wait!! All the best with the ratings, etc for you new show Mystery Girls. :)

  • Diana

    Oh, I hope it will be showing in Canada on ABC Spark. :)


    I haven’t been this excited since BH90210. I own ALL BH90210 seasons. all 10 of them. and I own numerous movies with you, jennie, and even tiffani.

  • Myeleah

    Tori, please post a heads up about a week before this show airs! I really don’t want to miss it! Love you & Jennie. Awesome actresses!

  • Rosemedic

    I am so excited to see you on television again! I have missed you and your family since Home Sweet Hollywood ended :(

  • Pam

    Best wishes to you and Jennie Garth on your new show on ABC Family.