Dwell: Chic Calendars for the New Year

With 4 babes to take care of, it can be hard to get to everything on time – like ordering a new calendar for 2014! I’m just now sitting down to order a couple for the house and one for my desk, and wanted to share my absolute faves for this new year.

Botanical Desk Calendar By Rifle Paper Co. 

Botanical Desk Calendar By Rifle Paper Co.

This really is the perfect desk calendar. Small, chic, and absolutely beautiful. If you’re going to look at the same calendar all year, you might as well invest in one that brightens your mood every time you see it. Buy it HERE.


Vintage Travel Calendar by Cavallini & Co.

Vintage Travel Calendar by Cavallini & Co. I love the retro vibe of the calendar, and who wouldn’t want to travel to a new destination every month?! Such great inspiration for planning a family trip! Order yours HERE.


Dog Desk Calendar By Gingiber

Dog Desk Calendar By Gingiber

This one’s for the dog lovers out there. 12 months of super cute pups? Sign me up! Snag one of your own HERE.


Bamboo Dry-Erase Calendar Corkboard by West Elm

Bamboo Dry-Erase Calendar Corkboard by West ElmThis one is ALL about function. I love a good dry-erase calendar, because schedules are always changing and can get hectic with 4 little ones. The corkboard is also great for leaving little notes, which can really come in handy in a house of 6. Get this one HERE.


Chalkboard Calendar by Paper Source

Chalkboard Calendar by Paper Source

This super-chic calendar would go well in any room, and has tons of room to write down reminders, notes, appointments, etc. I love the simplicity of this one. Click HERE to get one of these.

Which one do you like best?


  • F Bueller

    I really like the vintage/retro calendar.

    Does Dean use a separate calendar to track his dates?

    • triviacat

      That was really unnecessary. Would you like it if someone made such a low stab at you? It speaks volumes about what kind of person you must be.

    • Nikongirl

      Seriously? How hurtful and pointless. It’s not your life.

    • mildred lane

      what a terrible thing to say. My mom taught me,”if u can’t say something nice, then keep your mouth shut.”

  • Angie Boni

    F Bueller… really cmon.. get a life!!!

    • Holly Karakas

      Really! Your comment was so rude. By the way, your profile picture is really stupid. Get a life!!!

  • Angie Boni

    anddd i never comment on anything and im not even a tori spelling fan. i mean i like her and saw her post these cute calenders then have to see your annoying comment,.. get a life!

    • Talia

      Posting a comment on someone’s blog who you really don’t give a damn about? I don’t think that it’s Tori who needs to get a life.

      • Dawn Capozzi

        Talia, Angie was referring to F Bueller’s post above… Angie was sticking up for Tori

  • Diana Foree

    I love the Vintage Travel Calendar! So stunning!

  • Diana

    Vintage Travel or Cork Board is awesome! :)

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/OurMasonsJar Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Botanical is so pretty!

  • Vickie White Young

    The Chalkboard Calendar by far great for a family’s ever changing needs.

  • Laurie Carr Durant

    I like all of them!

  • Jamie

    Corkboard or Bamboo :)

  • Coleen Lette

    dry erase board that way you don;t have to buy a new one next year

  • Sarah

    The vintage travel :)

  • http://www.mid-lifemama.blogspot.com/ Julie

    The one with the cork board definitley!

  • Sarah

    Bamboo dry erase because it can be used every year which means less trash!!

  • Jonna Humphries

    Bamboo dry erase calendar one

  • Valerie Furlong Harrell

    Loving the cork board, I may get one for my home!

  • Misty Roper

    vintage travel!

  • Cindy C

    If you could laminate the chalkboard one that would be awesome. With the lines you can erase things as they change in the schedule without having to add the dates every month like the corkboard. But corkboard is my second choice. Love flexibility.

  • Joyce

    Tori I worked at MeadWestvaco. They make calendars there all different kinds. It is ACCO now but still a mead product. I retired from there. There address is 101 O’NEIL RD. SIDNEY,NEW YORK. 13809. They have great selections of calendars.s

  • Dominika

    Love the one by Gingiber!

  • Susan Grayson

    I suggest you to get Bamboo Dry-Erase Calendar Corkboard by West Elm because you can post pic, cards, business card and appt card on corkboard. I would love to get Bamboo Dry-Erase Calendar Corkboard for myself.

  • Nan Vanlaningham

    With your big family and schedule the corkboard one!

  • Jeanne

    I like the cork and the chalkboard one. But the Vintage Travel is my favorite and totally you.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the dogs on the plate stand. I have never seen one like that. Calendar and an art piece

  • Amy Yarman

    Love the chalkboard! Do NOT love people who post ridiculous and negative comments. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

  • Chelle Greene

    i love the bamboo one and the chalkboard.. so cute

  • Vickie White Young


  • Nich

    I like the last two, corkboard & chalkboard, great for a busy family, like yours Tori:D Nich

  • D O C

    We use the dry erase one at home and have used it for several years. It is great to be able to glance at it to see if a day or time is free. We use the cork board for future appointment cards.

  • Holly Karakas

    I have 4 little ones too under 10. I have 10 yr. old twins, a little 6 yr. old boy, and a 3 yr. old little girl. We home school all 4 our kids and love it too. My favorite calender you picked is the bamboo cork dry erase calender. By the way, I totally miss your weekly show. I hope you and your family get the opportunity for another weekly show. :)

  • Nicky

    I like the bamboo one

  • Teri Boudreau

    i love the one that says vintage calendar…..its perfect

  • sdona_snrse

    They’re all very cute, but have you seen the Mom’s busy calendar? Just thought with 4 kids and everything you’re into that, well I think your busy life could use it!!

  • Heidi Marie

    the dog calendar Tori!

  • Kimberly

    I really like the botanical calendar.

  • Susan

    One of each Tori!

  • http://nantucketdaffodil.blogspot.com/ Prince Snow Farm

    I am adoring these sweet handcrafted calendars!