Over the last few years ediTORIal has been a very special part of my life. Getting the chance to talk to each of you everyday has meant so much to me, and lately I’ve been working on ways to make the site even easier to use. I’m super excited to let you know that later this week, ediTORIal will undergo some changes to make it much easier to comment, chat and share your stories with me and with other momistas/foodistas/craftistas/stylistas.

The biggest change is that profile pages will be going away, so if you have any photos/videos/notes on your profile that you want to save, make sure to download it this week. On the new site, you won’t have to log-in to an account to comment on my blog posts, which should make the whole process of chatting easier, faster and more fun.

I’m super excited for this next chapter of ediTORIal, and hope you’ll keep chatting with me everyday and continuing to make this website our own little online family.


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