Birthdays are a big deal in the McDermott household, and I knew that we had to go all out for our littlest ones big days this year. We decided to have a joint party for Hattie & Finn (their bdays are only a couple months apart), so we could celebrate both birthdays together (it was Hattie’s 2nd birthday in October and Finn’s 1st in August!). We went with a rodeo theme (it all starts with the theme!), and dressed up our little bday babes up in cowgirl/cowboy attire. Here are my pics from our day at the rodeo:

photo 1

 Hattie and Finn’s fave bday gifts! They LOVE their 4-in-1 smarTrike Boutique tricycles. So fun to ride, super easy for us to steer, and such a good way to get our littlest ones outside and on the go! And how cute do my little cowbabes look in their matching trikes?! Thank you smarTrike!

photo 2
Finn loving the dessert table! That’s my boy…

photo 3
Hattie’s cowgirl-themed 2nd birthday cake from Hansen’s.

 photo 4
Finn’s 1st birthday cake from Hansen’s. Welcome to family traditions, Finn!

photo 5

Finn excitedly blows out the candle on his cake! Go Bear!

photo 10
DIY cowboy/cowgirl decor!

photo 8

The amazing dessert table by bittersweet-treats!

photo 9
Another shot of Finn’s cake.

photo 7

And Hattie’s cake.

photo 6

My birthday cowboy and cowgirl, complete with faux suede DIY outfits of course!

photo 14
Can’t believe our little Dude is so big!

photo 13

The unbelievable gifts bags! The bags were packed with an adorable ABC Adventure Elefun toy, which can teach your little ones 100+ first words through 75+ sounds effects, tunes and activities! They were also stocked with Big Hugs Elmo plush doll that are sure to be your little ones fave snuggle buddy! Thank you so much to Playskool for these beyond amazing goodie bags!

photo 11


photo 15

Hattie loved these DIY horses I found on Etsy!

photo 16
Giddy Up Man Man!

photo 17

Cute rodeo decor…

photo 18
Our Gourmet Daddy Deano cooked everything and served up delicious pulled pork sandwiches, chili in mason jars with cornbread, slaw, burgers & hot dogs.

photo 19
Stella loved dressing in the cowgirl theme! Complete with pink cowboy boots of course.

photo 20

Finn is partied out!

The whole fam had a great time celebrating our 2 littlest ones. Happy Birthday Hattie & Finn! Mama loves you!




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