Caption This: Santa Baby


I had to share our annual Santa photo with all of you! How cute do my babes look?!

Stella looks like she’s enjoying her visit with Santa, but Liam, Hattie and Finn all have pretty funny expressions on their faces.

How would you caption this pic of the McDermott brood with Mr. Claus?

Hope you’re all having a very Merry Christmas with the ones you love!


  • Brooke

    Did someone forget to say smile? Come on Santa you are supposed to be “Jolly”

  • QueenGossip

    Where did all of the comments go?

    I still like my original caption. The Elves are on strike, again. Ho! Ho! Ho! New clothes for everyone
    (Hence: Stella is the only one smiling)
    Or, over Finn’s head – what nationality is he anyway?
    ( I thought that was funny due to all of the controversy this year. Everyone knows Santa is the same nationality as y/our parents. Like kids really care anyway.)