Calling All Toddleristas! Little Maven Holiday Lookbook

I’m so excited to introduce our latest adventure with my kids clothing line, Little Maven. I was recently introduced to a smiling toddlerista named Grace, who happens to have Down Syndrome. Her mom Katie wrote to me and shared her mission to have brands like Little Maven include kiddos of all abilities in their advertising. Katie even ran a Little Maven photo shoot with Grace and some of her friends to inspire us! And it certainly did…

Little MavenAs you might remember, my good friend Lisa has a beautiful little boy named Blake with Down Syndrome, so Katie’s mission hit close to my heart.


The Little Maven team and I were so touched by Katie’s message that we wanted to celebrate ALL toddleristas this holiday season.

Our Little Maven Holiday Lookbook will feature YOUR kiddos! We’ll be showcasing children of all abilities, decked out in Little Maven. To enter your little one, go to our Facebook page and submit a photo of them striking a pose in their favorite Little Maven outfit! I’ll be choosing my favorites to be featured in our Holiday Lookbook.

Help me celebrate what makes each of our kiddos special! Will you enter your little one?


  • Marla Murasko

    Tori, thank you for being open minded and giving our kids such a wonderful opportunity to be apart of something so wonderful as your holiday look book for Little Maven.

    I know Katie personally and how hard she is working on her vision to see all people represented in advertising. So thank you for listening.

    This will be such an amazing thing when it’s done. Look forward to seeing the final look book, and of course will be entering my little guy.

  • stacy wilson

    What a great Mission T!!! I need to find a sweet photo of them together and do that, and I hear you, I was in a halotherapy session with a mama and her kiddos too, and her little one was 3 born with CP, diagnosed with autism at one year old, and had a feeding tube, she worked so hard with her little one, i felt so blessed and just, grateful for my kiddos, my sister’s sons have aspergers. We are all so blessed. You’re the best T!!!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Absolutely FANTASTIC in EVERY WAY!! Love that you did this! :)

  • BZ

    WTG Tori, hopefully more people follow your example of including beautiful children of all different kinds of abilities!!! Grace is beautiful! !

  • joanne stubbs

    my husband drives a school van for special needs students.. Two of them are down syndrome children. He loves them especially, and has managed to teach the non verbal little boy to have some movement (such as clapping) along to the music. He bought 6 discs of children’s songs and they want him to play them as loud as possible LOL. He is amazed how they all have come along just since September. Two of the children he had last year, and one new one this year.

  • t @ Happy Soul Project

    This makes me so happy Tori- Good on ya!!! Way to lead the industry in celebrating the beauty in differences…
    t @ Happy Soul Project

  • Laura Hepplewhite

    Tori, ur the best.