Fall is one of the best times of the year for crafting because there are so many ways to make your home the perfect place to spend time with family or entertain guests. As Redbook Magazine’s Home/DIY expert, I wanted to share one of my latest home décor creations that is versatile enough to display year-round.
My Year-Round Wreath
My most recent DIY project is a wreath that I made from four different vintage silk ties. You can make your own by choosing your favorite fabrics and following my tutorial…

Here’s how I made this vibrant wreath:

1. Cut the circles by tracing three-inch circles onto your fabric and cutting them out. Put two circles of the same fabric together with the patterns facing out, and fold into quarters.

2. Start pinning. Pin through the fabric at its pointy tip to secure it to a 13-inch Styrofoam ring.

3. Repeat the process, covering the outer and inner surface of the ring. Make sure to leave the back bare so it will hang flat against a wall or door.

4. Attach a ribbon. Finally, use a few pins or a glue gun to attach a satin ribbon hanger to the back of the wreath.

What do you think? A lot easier than it looks, isn’t it? Share your thoughts below!

Be sure to pick up the latest copy of Redbook to see the detailed tutorial and photos, and if you haven’t yet, check out last month’s project, a window frame turned jewelry display, here.


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