I had so much fun reading through the submissions from last week’s Caption This contest. You can ask Dean, I was literally laughing out loud! Just in case you missed it, I requested that everyone leave their creative captions for this picture of my seafaring pup Mitzi boating with us in Canada. And, to those that inquired, we took her pic before we left the harbor. So no worries, she wore her life jacket!

Since Mitzi was the star of this round, she was also my guest judge. Here are the five captions that had Mitzi yipping the most…
Mitzi on Board

by Sweet T

Mitzi on Board

by Kim Newton

Mitzi on Board

by Nicole Marco

Mitzi on Board

by Ihadthebestmomintheworld

Mitzi on Board

by mominthefog

Congratulations to all five winners! I really loved your submissions.

Which caption was your personal favorite?

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