Remembering September 11th
Last year I shared how I told Liam and Stella the tragic story of September 11, 2001. I told them so they would understand why I was sad, so they would be aware that so many people lost lives and loved ones on this awful day in 2001. I wanted them to know that brave Americans risk their lives everyday to secure our freedom, and that we are a resilient and strong nation.

My two kiddos remember that moment and one day, when they’re older, Hattie and Finn will remember me telling them this story, too. It is important for me to talk about 9/11 with them and discuss what it means to be an American. When we celebrate holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, I want them to know why our independence and freedom is so important.

As always, my thoughts and prayers are with the survivors, thinking of their loved ones today.

What news stories did you learn about as a child that really stuck with you?


Photo source: weheartit
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