It’s official; I’m the proud mother of a potty pooper! Hattie Cat recently pooped in the potty for the first time, and those of you who have reached the potty training phase with your own babes understand my excitement. Potty training isn’t easy and this is a big first step. I can’t wait until she is officially sleeping through the night in undies.

Milestone Monday
Even with four babes, the milestones never get old. I love watching my babes grow and celebrate each new step they take (including potty pooping!). Hats off to Hattie!

Here are a couple potty training tips I learned with my first two…

  1. Fewer wet diapers is a sign of potty training readiness. That means your little one is gaining more control over their bladder.
  2. Changing your little one’s diapers in the bathroom can help bridge the gap between diapers and the toilet.
  3. Commending grown-up behavior but not demanding it (like I’m doing in this blog post!) will help ready your little one for potty training.
  4. Choose easy-on, easy-off clothing during potty training to minimize accidents.

Did you celebrate the first time your little one used the potty?

Share your potty training advice with all of us in the comments.


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