Milestone Monday: My Little Potty Pooper

It’s official; I’m the proud mother of a potty pooper! Hattie Cat recently pooped in the potty for the first time, and those of you who have reached the potty training phase with your own babes understand my excitement. Potty training isn’t easy and this is a big first step. I can’t wait until she is officially sleeping through the night in undies.

Milestone Monday
Even with four babes, the milestones never get old. I love watching my babes grow and celebrate each new step they take (including potty pooping!). Hats off to Hattie!

Here are a couple potty training tips I learned with my first two…

  1. Fewer wet diapers is a sign of potty training readiness. That means your little one is gaining more control over their bladder.
  2. Changing your little one’s diapers in the bathroom can help bridge the gap between diapers and the toilet.
  3. Commending grown-up behavior but not demanding it (like I’m doing in this blog post!) will help ready your little one for potty training.
  4. Choose easy-on, easy-off clothing during potty training to minimize accidents.

Did you celebrate the first time your little one used the potty?

Share your potty training advice with all of us in the comments.


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  • darlene3500

    That child is stunningly BEAUTIFUL! 😉

  • Cammy Gollner

    Congratulations to you Tori and Hattie! My mom’s greatest advice – take their diapers/pull ups off! When they have no “safety net” they go in the potty. Also those little stepping toilets to the big toilets are great (after you’ve used the little portable ones.) http://www.amazon.com/Mommys-Helper-Contoured-Cushie-Step/dp/B000AV5LZ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380562788&sr=8-1&keywords=step+up+potty+seat+for+toilet

  • Stacey

    Aww!!! So sweet. Congratulations mommy and Hattie! <3 It goes by too fast!

  • Tammy Crane

    My husband and I dance around like crazy people. We even went so far as to make up our on “potty” celebration song. . .which we still do to this day when he goes “pee-pee” in the potty & our son is almost 3! It excites him and makes him feel like he has done something big, and his little brother, which is 9 months,gets excited too.

  • Crystal VanPutten

    That is fabulous… statically… (potty training boot camp) children learn faster without pull ups…
    I have a 2 1/2 year old.. we are working on the potty training too.. and the 1st potty pooper… was soo exciting.. we had to call grandma.. do the potty dance.. then get a couple skittles for a pooping award… good luck

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Yay! Hattie-Congrats! So Big! Love that photo and her dress is too too sweet!!!

    Take a glance at my Latest & Greatest—by far—handmade keepsake onesie: Custom MINI-ME Letter Sweaters-Initial Cardis

    So tiny & adorable for the Mini-Prepsters…

    Have a fun day!!!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Yay! Hattie-Congrats! So Big! Love that photo and her dress is too too sweet!!!

    Take a glance at my Latest & Greatest—by far—handmade keepsake onesie: Custom MINI-ME Letter Sweaters-Initial Cardis

    So tiny & adorable for the Mini-Prepsters…

    Have a fun day!!!

  • Emily Goodman

    I put a little potty in our bathroom from the time our daughter could walk. We all know mommies never get a break, even in the bathroom! So, why not take advantage and teach our daughter the steps. Also, once she was big enough to sit on the big potty we took frequent breaks and read a short potty training book while we waited. She would get excited and do her business and we’d be done. Weird as it sounded it worked. We used 1 pull up and she was potty trained at 16 months. At that time, she was “ready” to get started. Hats off to Hattie Cat! She’s growing up and becoming a beautiful lady. Love those eyes and chubby cheeks!

  • Jewel.lm61

    Hattie is such a pretty little girl! Congratulations Hattie!

  • joanne stubbs

    Congratulations Hatti, and Mommy too, it takes a lot of patience, and you are a busy lady with the 4 children. I had 5, and my two hints are I never put a diaper back on once they were trained, and there were no pull ups then, and two, I would reward 1 M & M for a pee, and 2 little M & Ms for a poop. I also trained 5 dare care kids as well. Your children are just beautiful, all of them.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Totally agree! Although all the McDermotts are beautiful, from the beginning I’ve had a soft spot for Hattie: started with her beautiful name, followed by all them beautiful pics of her and munching on some food (people who love food are the best people, said Julia Child) and further on in practically every photo I’ve seen on this blog of this adorable child she looks so openminded, lighthearted and still a strong persona: you gotta love her even though I absolutely do not KNOW her. Thanks T, for this update!

  • Myeleah

    WTG Hattie! & Mama too! She is so beautiful and has the blue version of your eyes! Early happy birthday to Hattie who shares the day with me!!!

  • Carrymebabies

    Thats great :) To potty train my son I use to put cherios in the toilet and get him to pee on them ………he thought it was great;)

  • Totteach

    I’m a preschool teacher who teaches 2.5 year olds in what we loving refer to as “the potty training room”. I have potty trained well over 200 children . If I were to give one tip to parents it would be to never use PULL UPS! When children are really ready they have few accidents,but they need to feel the “wet” feeling to help distinguish between being wet and being dry…Pull Ups don’t allow this .Kids are smart..they know pull ups are diapers and it is ok to “go” in them . P.S. Way to go Hattie!

  • KDermody

    Do you have any recommendations for boys?

  • RommeysMommy

    Congrats to Hattie! We aren’t quite there yet. My daughter will be 2 on Oct. 6. It’ll come soon enough I’m sure though. (She’s our first.)

  • MamaDLT

    My son was going pee pee in his little toilet at 2 1/2, but #2 was a different story. He still slept in a diaper (night time and nap time) and was VERY regular. Every morning and when he woke up from a nap, there was a prize for us. So, when he first went poo poo on his little toilet, we gave him something he really wanted: a piece of gum.

  • janine bruno

    Great job hattie but my son will be 2 this coming Thursday but will get there not quite there yet when we do you will know

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