Update: Catch Us on the Cooking Channel

It’s been almost two years but I am excited to announce that myself, my hubby Dean, and all four of our babes are back doing what we do best—giving you our family reality while doing two things we love to do most, cooking and party planning! Our new special, Dean and Tori’s Backyard Bash will premiere on The Cooking Channel tomorrow night! We had such a fun time filming this show with the whole family. The Cooking Channel followed our family as we prepared for an impromptu al fresco dinner party at our home. We throw a lot of kid-friendly parties with four little ones, but this time the hubs and I went for a very grown-up and gourmet menu. Dean shares his recipes for Grilled Rack of Lamb with Strawberry Mint Sauce, Orecchiette with Pickled Peaches and Asparagus, Grilled Fruit Sangria aka ‘Deano Sangrino,’ Fava Bean Crostini, and more. Yum! And of course there were lots of crafts, DIY decorations, and party planning by yours truly. The whole family pitched in and we were able to pull off a beautiful event in only 24 hours. Watch Finn’s first time on reality TV! It’s so fun being back on TV with our family, doing things we’re passionate about. See some familiar friendly faces show up at our dinner party and celebrate with us!

Are you going to tune in?

Dean and Tori’s Backyard Bash premieres on Friday, August 23rd at 8pm EST/5pm PST. You can also catch encore airings on Saturday and Sunday. All the times are listed here.


  • Jill Korblick

    Looks like fun! But when does Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood start up again?!

  • Lindzie Warfield

    Yes!!! We’ve missed seeing you guys :)

  • Ann

    I’ll tune in for sure because I love me some Tori and Dean, but somehow “impromptu” seems like the wrong word when you’re talking about a party that was planned with producers and scheduled with camera men!

  • Cute Beltz

    Yay! Looking forward to it, sounds like you all had fun!

  • Genevieve

    Yay! I can’t wait for you to come back to tv!!! I’ll never forget Liam..
    “I like snakes…they tickle my hair and my penis” hahaha! You guys make me laugh, so happy you’re coming back!

  • Patti Ippolito

    Can hardly wait for the new cooking show , Backyard Bash

  • Chris

    Tori-You made my day!!!:) You and your family have injected an immense amount of happiness into my life over the years! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Patty

    Can’t wait.
    Awesome way to start the school year.

  • joy

    Can’t wait ! I already set my dvr to record. I know how busy you all are but what are the chances of a new season of “Tori and Dean,Home sweet Hollywood”.

  • Jaime Knox

    Can’t wait! Just set Dvr to record. Hope to see more soon!

  • jennifer

    cant wait to watch

  • H. Iris Nazario

    Yayy I’m so happy you are back on t.v. I absolutely adore you and your family!!


    Tori !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DO NOT get the Cooking Channel here in NJ……………sd mad… wish it was still on OXYGEN

  • Kustom Kids Bedding

    Hopefully this new special will turn into a weekly series for you and your family! I have no doubt it will get great ratings and the Cooking Channel will have no choice but to film more episodes!! It will definitely be a new show I’ll be looking forward to seeing every week!!

    It sounds like this show will be similar to your previous shows but this time, there will be just be more cooking and party planning involved in it.

    Can’t wait to see how the kids have grown and how Stella and Liam interact with Hattie and Finn.

    Good job Cooking Channel for having the smarts to give us back Tori and Dean and family. I think I can speak for all of their fans by saying we are thrilled to have them back! Now let’s just turn it into a series we can see every week!!

  • MsJillMF

    We can’t wait! We’ve been watching reruns of Home Sweet Hollywood and my 11 year old daughter, Chloe, is now your biggest fan! She just thinks you’re the funniest!!

  • JennySue Makeup

    That is wonderful news!! I have missed Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood so much that this is exciting and will fill that tv void!! Plus, maybe I’ll actually learn how to cook something for my own family! Congrats on the new show!!

    Hugs, Jennifer
    I’m a mommy with a makeup problem…

  • susan murphy

    wild horses couldn’t keep me away…xxO

  • SuzyQ

    I can’t wait to see the show…i really miss seeing you guys on TV, miss watching Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood …I saw Dean this morning on the Home & Family Show as co-host (not sure if it was a rerun)…thanks for all the fun & laughter you bring :)

  • muller virginie

    It is a pity the broadcast does not pass in France…

  • Juliet Grant

    I can’t wait to see both of you again, I really love watching your family. Finn looked as he dose’nt want to be on top of of the vegetables, and little ms. Hattie getting ready to fix them.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    yay! so happy for y’all! can’t wait to see the who crew again!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    I totally am going to watch, now that my little guy will sit for 5 minutes! Congrats Finn, on your appearance on a reality show! Tori, I lovvve that dress!

    Well, my little guy is almost one, right behind Finn! Time
    Flies! I have made a onesie in his honor “Mommy’s Best Gift~EVER” custom diaMond onesies!

    For all the Momistas and TORI, too…you know a Baby is the best gift. (oh…but we do LoVe diamonds)

    Have a Sparkly* Day, all!
    Lory Ann

    PS. Can’t wait to watch xoXoxo

  • Debra Whitaker

    Yay!! Congrats! I knew it!! I always said that you should have a cooking show or cooking/entertaining type show but I figured it would be the food network. Can’t wait to watch!

  • Sheri Spain

    So thrilled to have you back!!! I became hooked on Home Sweet Hollywood and have emailed Oxygen repeatedly to ask when we will see a new season. They don’t answer! I can’t believe you’ve had 2 babies since the last season. We have missed getting to know Hattie and Finn. I will be watching and keeping my fingers crossed for more of the McDermott’s!!!!!

  • Jodie Henderson`

    Will it show what you were doing with the property in Ontario all summer? Would love to see !

  • Christelle B

    that’s great news, I guess that I’ll have to wait to see it here but I hope it won’t be too long

  • Lily M

    Very happy for you guys! I’m sure you’ll rock!

  • Jewel.lm61

    I would love to watch, but I don’t have cable. Maybe I can catch it on You Tube. I know everyone will love seeing you guys.

  • Gerri

    I’m putting you in my DVR right now!


    dommage,je suis en france on e le verra pas tout de vous adore! vous avez une belle famille

  • Erin

    I am going to watch the show can’t wait

  • Psychic Mama

    yaayyyy!!! can hardly wait. been too long! what a perfect show…love watching dean cook
    and you put together a bash…kids in tow! will u be doing another
    soon? maybe for the holidays? thnks for the heads up [:

  • hope brown

    Y’all are coming back!!!! Can’t wait to watch….

  • Kate Kruuse

    So excited to hear that you all are back on reality tv. Looking forward to tuning in!

  • ksu2000grad

    My dvr is set to record!

  • joanne stubbs

    Loving these photos, especially with Dean. Nuts, we don’t get the Cooking Channel. Why didn’t you go with TLC?

  • Melissa D

    Awesome! Glad to see you guys back. I was watching reruns on oxygen and was wondering when you guys would come back on tv :)

  • Lisa Derby

    Glad you guys are back. I have been watching 90210 on Soap Channel. I think I have watched every one 100 times. I am a big fan of you both. Can’t wait to watch.

  • Sharon Kruschen

    ahh i dont have the cooking channel :(

  • Nathou .Franck .Liam

    hello, it will certainly wait to see you on a television channel in France, so patience!

  • Julia Supaya

    Hope to watch it on iTunes or youtube because this channel isn’t available in my country((

  • Lemon Meringue

    Available or not (the latter for me, alas), I think this is mega good news! Somehow, I get the feeling from this post that reality-tv really is something that the both of you like to do, so congratulations on the show! And you look picture perfect on the last photo, handsome couple(KILLER-DRESS!!!!)

  • Kimberly

    I am so excited for this show! I am so glad to see you and your family back on tv.!

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  • Erica

    Yea! Love watching your shows!! Your family is so cute!

  • grande.rouquine

    Nous pouvons enfin suivre votre

  • MsJillMF

    I’m only 7 minutes into the show but had to come on here and tell you I’m loving it!! This has to be a weekly show!!

  • JessicaLayne

    Tori! I just finished watching you and your family on the cooking channel and I LOVE the show. I really hope this becomes a weekly show, or you come back on Oxygen!! I miss you and your families entertainment every week!!! Xo

  • Myeleah

    Missed the original broadcast but hope to catch the rebroadcast today! Super excited! Wish you would have your show back on Oxygen!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    LoVed the show, even my hubby watched. (he thinks Dean is “cool”) Baby Mason just giggled at random things! Fun family time…Thanks Tori, Dean, and Babes-xo!

    Have a Glitter filled weekend, as we always do at Our Mason’s Jar!

  • Kris

    Hi. I absolutely LOVED the show that night!! Are you two going to do another show? I hope so!!

  • Madison Kile

    Hey tori… Loved your show last night!! I hope this will be on every week!

  • ottoschultz

    I watched last night’s premier on the Cooking Channel; great show! Tori & Dean should put out a magazine each month that focuses on their Cooking Channel show. Each month there would be a photo essay of her decor ideas from the show and a step by step photo tutorial of all of Dean’s recipes. I am saving the recording of last night’s episode; but having a hard copy with photos would be so much easier!

  • Christine Cannon

    Enjoyed the show, hope that there are more to come in the future!!! :) Great mix of food and crafts and family time.

  • Aymie

    I set my DVR to tape and now I can’t find the recording?! Does anyone know if the show is going to be repeated at all? I wanted to watch it SO bad!! HELP TORI!!! Let us know if it is going to be played again…I need a second chance :)

  • amysticco

    Loved the show on the cooking channel, any chance you and Dean and the rest of your crew will be doing more shows like that? you inspire me too do fun things with my family. (first time mom here and have a 21 month old) want to plan a cute hello kitty themed party for her 2nd bday, my head is everywhere on ideas.. HELP Tori

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  • Bridget Walsh

    I’m so sad I didn’t record this and it’s not OnDemand :(. Do you know if it will be up on demand soon? Also, I hear you have a new show starting next year on HGTV. Can you announce here and let us know all about it? Miss seeing you all on TV.

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  • shorty

    Is there a way to download the episode to watch it if we missed it?