We’re excited to bring you another great article from POPSUGAR Moms, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their roundup of amazing reading nooks that your kiddos will love to spend time in.


The Best Reading Nooks For Kids and Their Books

Encourage your child’s budding reading skills by creating a cozy nook that turns a boring corner into something really special. Settling into his or her very own corner next to a cool bookshelf with a good read is one way for little ones to explore the wonders of reading on their own, and a special space can be designed to fit with any room’s decor. If you’re not ready to get out the hammer and nails, we’ve got a few simple suggestions that are easier to pull off than you think. Click and see!

8 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Rice Krispie Treats


Does your little one have a favorite spot to read? Share your stories in the comments below.

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