In my recent Ask Tori video, I shared what kind of things I pack in Liam and Stella’s school lunches. But today, in honor of this month’s elemenTORI theme, I wanted to share one of the ways I make school lunches fun. I’ve heard of moms putting notes or even comic strips in their kiddos’ lunch boxes before, but I think you’ll agree that secret banana-grams take the cake.

What You Will Need:

  • A banana
  • A toothpick


Using the toothpick, gently scratch a message into the banana peel. When the little ones see them in the morning, the line will be so faint that they won’t even notice. But by noontime, your secret message will have appeared like magic.




Fun, right? Let me know what you’d write in your banana-gram in the comments below.

And if you have any other ideas for making school lunches fun, please share those too.


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