Whether I like it or not my little Buggy is really growing up. She’s starting kindergarten soon and in June she celebrated her 5th birthday. I’ve been meaning to share a few pictures from Stella’s milestone celebration with everyone here on ediTORIal. (It took me a while to sort through all the photos, but better late than never right?) Stella wanted her party theme to be gardening aka “Flower Power” in Stella’s words, and she wanted the colors to be girl rainbow (that means pink substituted for red). We all had such a blast. Today I am sharing all of the getting ready and craft station details, but stay tuned for the food, dessert table, and more.

Before the party started we got my mini stylista Stella dressed in her flower fairy finest. I made her outfit. She wanted to be a flower, so we went to the fashion district in downtown L.A. and I had her pick the fabric for her skirt. I sewed sequin green fabric onto a green tutu to represent the stem of the flower. Then I sewed sequin leaves coming up her pink (flower) tank top and then on the day of the party I hot glued fresh flowers onto a ribbon to make her a belt.

LTHVWulPrrG2leHM7Tdbfs9m.jpeg:Amazon:photoShe was all decked out from her rainbow flower fingers to her toes.

IJzBZCxlj0FTexI46It2F3Hr.jpeg:Amazon:photoLiam on the other hand opted for ghost toes.

XlotFPeQb4S24slDh2PMcpAu.jpeg:Amazon:photoMy baby girl turned 5! She’ll always be my baby though.

Meanwhile Dean was putting the finishing touches on the food for the garden food table.

Fairy in training

Jena, the artist and creator of milkPOP was there to do some amazing arts and crafts with the kiddos. We all know how important crafting is to Stella. #1 at any party for her!

The kids brought the characters Jena created to life through art on T-shirts, shoes, and really chic canvas totes. They are Stella’s favorite purses!




A special pair of converse that Jenna created for the b-day girl!

Looks like I got another Craftista on my hands. Hattie sat patiently and crafted for over an hour!

Then we also had a decorate your own flower pot station…

And, after they decorated their own pot they moved onto the planting station courtesy of my friends at Grow-O. Gro-Organics helped us plant all our edible gardens that we love so much. Stella has turned into quite the gardener!

Buggy crafting with cousin Simone and friends


Craft stations with a view

Have you ever made these Geronimo balloons? Amazingly chic and fun touch to any party. Add tinsel and paper strings to giant DIY helium balloons!

Have you ever thrown a themed party for one of your little ones? Let me know what the theme was in the comments below!

Oh, and stay tuned for even more pictures and all the dessert details coming up on ediTORIal.


P.S. You can check out my kids party planning tips and a few more family photos on Us Weekly’s website.

P.S. A big thank you to all the wonderful people who made Buggy’s birthday such a success including milkPOP, Gro-O, Crocs, Zevia, Hansen’s Cakes, Babycakes, Sarah Prikryl, and The Sugar Lab. I’ll be sharing more pictures of the work all these great companies did in my upcoming posts.

Photos: Sarah Prikryl and Ilana Saul

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