Today is a momentous occasion… My baby boy Finn is one year old. As most of you know, I had a very scary pregnancy with Finn. There were moments when I thought I might lose him. But, together we fought and we won. Finn, our little miracle, was born one year ago today a very healthy and happy boy with the most adorable sleepy eyes and amazingly full pouty lips. I had waited and prayed for nine months to have the strength to carry my baby to term and for him to be healthy. And, he was!

The first thing I did when they placed him in my arms was nuzzle his neck and in his ear I whispered, “We made it.” Finn and I went through an incredible journey together. It was frightening and empowering all at the same time. We formed an insane bond with each other. I knew in the moment that he was born that he would be my last. He would forever be the baby of the family. He grasped my finger with his tiny hand and I promised to never let him go.

Finn made me realize how truly blessed I am to have all of my babies and my amazing husband Dean. We fought long and hard for Baby Finn. We call him our bruiser. He’s definitely the most active of our brood. He might be the youngest and the smallest but his spirit is huge! Today we celebrate our baby boy. We love you Finn aka Bear aka Man Man!  Xoxo


Finn’s 1st birthday breakfast!

And now for Finn’s first birthday video…

How did you celebrate your kids’ first birthdays? Share your story below!


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