Giveaway: Little Maven End of Summer Wardrobe

Back-to-school season is almost here, but right now it’s time to savor the rest of summer break with your little ones. And one of the best ways to celebrate the final days of summer is by sprucing up your babes’ warm weather wardrobe. If you have mini stylistas at home like I do, I think you’ll be excited about the treat I have in store today…

To make this summer season extra special, I’m giving away three $50 gift cards for my toddlerista clothing line Little Maven.  Check out a few of my favorite styles and enter the giveaway below. And stay tuned for the debut of the Little Maven fall collection later this month!

Little Maven Pant Set

Little Maven Sparkle Dress
Little Maven Woven Shirt Set
Little Maven Tunic Set

UPDATE: We have our winners! Congrats to Randi, Ella’s Mommy, and Chelerella! Check your inboxes for more details on how to claim your prize.

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win one of three $50 gift cards for Little Maven…

  1. Like my Facebook page. If you haven’t already, make sure to ‘like’ me on Facebook by clicking here.
  2. Comment. Leave a comment below sharing what you’re doing to make the most of summer while it lasts.
  3. Wait. I’ll announce the three winners on Friday, August 16th.

Keep up with Little Maven on Facebook and JC Penney’s website… and good luck!



  • Sue Roberson

    Summer time is very hot here in Phoenix. To finish out our summer break, we did lots of indoor crafts. Some of our favorite ones are fun ideas from Pinterest and great ideas you share as well.

  • Tracy

    We are headed to the coast next week to enjoy some down time with my extended family. It will be a nice way to unwind before all the chaos begins!

  • Mary Benvo

    We are squeezing one last trip to the beach in before we have our annual crazy preparation for the first day of school :)

  • Paula

    we’re filling the last few days with swimming, mani/pedi dates, balloon festivals, and ice cream! lots and lots of ice cream!

  • mommy717

    We are moving into a new home and squeezing summer by enjoying the no school!

  • jessicabwell

    Im spending as much time as i can playing with my nephew and making sure he has some friends to play with.

  • Cindy Kong

    We are going to the zoo before summer ends, extra swimming, lots of parks and BBQ!

  • ga amy

    It’s still extremely hot and humid in Atlanta this time of year so we are making the most of the long days by taking walks, going to the swings, and hitting the pool!

  • TH

    We are savoring the last week of summer with a day at the lake & a picnic!! Then to set off on a journey to see our family back home from where we are from! It’s a bitter sweet ending because we are 5 hours away & cherish every minute we can have with all of our family back home!! :)

  • snelson

    We have a summer fun list that we’ve been working off of all summer! Only a few more weeks to finish up the rest of the list!

  • Momue

    We are making the most of the end of our summer by going for walks along the water, going to the park, going to the beach… and our end of summer vacation comes up in less then two weeks.

  • Lauren Moore

    To make the most of what’s left of the summer, we’re harvesting as many vegetables from our garden as possible. I’m cooking fresh vegetable dinners(veggie quesadillas last night – YUM!). My husband and I are canning tomatoes, marinara sauce, salsa, and peppers to store up for this winter! I’m freezing as many things a possible as well, because you just can’t beat farm fresh vegetables! We’re also finishing up our first baby girl’s nursery! She is expected to arrive in November!

  • Nicole Biddle

    BBQ and a trip to get frozen yogurt with friends. :)

  • Jen8376

    We will be spending as much time together as possible.We will be going on picnics,going to the zoo,going to the park and going swimming :)

  • Kari

    My kids have already gone back to school, for the end if their summer break we did allot of swimming, spent alot of time with their grandparents and family get togethers. No better way to spend summer then with family

  • debbie labinski

    well our school days already started. but we went to San Diego to enjoy our last days of summer. the beach was so relaxing and brought so much peace to me and my family.
    Now we are back in Arizona and in the swing of the school year! However, we will still lots of swimming, rock climbing wall at our community center! I have 3 young boys who are very active so it go go go! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win some of your clothes for my little men!

  • Kristi Sudrick

    My daughters and I are spending as much time outside as possible. We go for walks, go to the park, play in the sprinklers. We also are doing as many crafts as possible.

  • Olivia R

    Started running and am registered for my first 5K in September. Been preparing to be an aunt too!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Little Maven is such fabulous line. I was happy to pick up a few pieces for my little guy’s wardrobe. BUT I LoVe the Sparkle Dress…wish I or my Pomeranian could wear it since I only have a baby boy ;) Anyone who has seen my onesies in my shop knows I lovvve sparkle!!!

    I am making every moment count with Mason, every day I do something new with him. Even if it is something small such as watching the sunset. As we did last week, as he “oohed and aahed” I thought this is SO worth letting him fight sleep for!

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Mrs. CandyO

    we are taking our first plane ride/vacation with our 7 month old baby girl the last week of summer. your ediTORIal piece on travel with litte ones was a HUGE help to me a few weeks ago, im a 1st time mom and nervous..but hoping for a great much needed fun time!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Little Maven is such a fabulous line. I was happy to pick up a few pieces for my little guy’s wardrobe. BUT I LoVe the Sparkle Dress…wish I or my Pomeranian could wear it since I only have a baby boy ;) Anyone who has seen my onesies in my shop knows I lovvve sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am making every moment count with Mason, every day I do something new with him. Even if it is something small such as watching the sunset. As we did last week, as he “oohed and aahed” I thought this is SO worth letting him fight sleep for!

    Good Luck everyone

  • Shannon

    We will be spending the rest of the summer playing outside and suprising my oldest son for his birthday by going to our favorite water park.

  • Evee

    I’ll be sad to say goodbye to summer soon, but until then, we’re soaking up the sunshine and eating lots of watermelon and fro-yo!

  • Lauren

    We really made the most out of our summer by planning alot of day trips. One biggie every other week and lot’s of small ones in between! When we were not day trippin, we were swimming in our small inflatable pool on our very own deck! So far it’s been a blast and we are looking forward to our before school starts large playdate at our local play place!

  • SJW

    Since this is the my last summer with only one kiddo (baby #2 is due in September) I’m cherishing all the snuggles and hugs I get from my wonderful first born son.

  • Emily Goodman

    My two girls and I made the most of summer by converting our deck into an out door play area. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old. We played and pretended we were at the beach with our waterplay table and sandbox. We practiced our sand castles. Little do they know, at the end of the month we are beach bound! :)

  • caryn

    Enjoying the beautiful WA summer outside! We’ve been taking lots of weekends away to make the most of it!

  • Laura Fransen

    I have been trying to enjoy every minute of summer with my girls before they start school. We have been going to the park, swimming, going to the lake, gardening, and just playing in the sun. Someday I am going to miss these lazy summer days, so I want to enjoy them now. The laundry and house work can wait til later, we are making memories.

  • Rebecca

    We try to spend a little bit of every day outdoors.

  • Alexis Janiszewski

    One last camping trip this weekend!!! yay! Thank you!

  • Stacie

    My son starts kindergarten next week:-( we are making a quick trip to Dallas to the water park tomorrow!

  • K2

    We are playing in the pool and visiting with his favorite playmates, his cousins, as much as possible before school starts:)

  • Rebecca Allen

    waking up each day with Joy that we have a precious little one to share the day with! :)

  • bonnielynn3783

    spending everyday playing with my little man. we’ve had pool parties, picnics, party dates.

  • Jenn3013

    Summers are pretty short where I live, so I am soaking up every second of sunshine and warmth with my little monkey, Carter ��

  • Ali Butler

    My husbands military and he’s been gone the last year :) so we are enjoying a lazy summer enjoying the pool and nice dinners. Family time is better than anything else we could do

  • justmanette

    Taking the kids to Dinosaur World and the spray park before we start school soon!

  • Jenn3013

    Summers are short where I live, so I am enjoying every bit of sunshine and warmth with my husband and our little 18 month old monkey, Carter. We did a lot of day trips, visited lots of parks, fed LOTS of ducks, and splashed in the backyard :-)

  • KatyM

    I have 9 months old twins, Daniel and Emma. I’m spending time with them playing with bubbles and sprinklers! The world through a 9-month-old’s eyes is a truly beautiful place!

  • Ashley Lewis

    We are lucky to still have some family coming to visit us. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we are stationed by the beach so our 4 kids and I are still loving the beach, enjoying our family time. The 3 big kids are practicing cartwheels and the baby of the family is enjoying all the attention he is getting. John Remingtin is a huge ham and loves to sing and dance. We are a busy family and love having all this fun time together before school starts!!!

  • Amy Ballard

    School starts back here next week so our summer is coming to a close quickly. We made the most of our summer break with a family vacation to the Keys, then two weeks visiting family out of state, where our daughters spent time with their great-grandparents on the farm and exploring some of my favorite childhood summer venues. Our final hurrah was a trip to San Diego. The kids loved the Zoo and our tour of the USS Midway. Lots of great memories were made this summer!

  • Tiffany Miller

    Hi Tori, We live in Montana, so the cooler days will begin next month. We are enjoying our newest addition, a miniature potbellied pig that we named Hamlet. And there’s still plenty of days left for us to explore in nature & incorporate our findings into crafts, such as rock painting, creating our names out of sticks, & collecting pinecones, acorns, sticks & other nature items to add to our sensory box for Fall.

  • Tracy Martinez

    We live in Texas, so we’re doing anything that involves being cool. Craft Time at the Library, playing in the Kiddie Pool, Family Night at Chick Fil A and Baking in the AC. I make my 7 year old read the recipes and measure. He loves to bake and I love that he is learning too!

  • Stiller Says

    Heading out on a farewell to summer trip next weekend!

  • Cheryl Verver

    We love going to the beach and enjoying the nice weather. We found a few new places to go and it has been fun.

  • Charlotte McCaig

    You have no idea what a life saver this would be for me! My grand nices birthday weas in April and I forgot to send the little outfit I picked out and of course now it is almost too small for her. I don’t have the money to replace it right now so this would be perfect. They live in Florida so summer is almost all year.

  • Caroline Smith

    Getting outside as much as I can…even if it means playing a little hookey. I was craving a little getaway so I took off work on a whim and headed down to the Jersey shore for a walk along the boardwalk.

  • firelite8

    We are just enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin weather. It’s a cooler than normal Summer this year.

  • Andrea Worley

    Spending lots of time outdoors swimming, going on walks and having picnics! Love Little Maven, we have the woven shirt set it’s the cutest on my little boy!

  • Janna

    Hi Tori,
    I am writing you all the way from Ontario, Canada. We have actually met about 7 years ago in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. I believe you were filming House Sitter there. I was about 6 months pregnant.
    So this summer were are planning a trip to Old Forge, NY for a few days. There will be camping, water parks, things like that. Can’t wait. Also my 7 year old is really into crafts. We have made everything from cardboard castles to cards.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Starr Brillinger

    We live in the Florida panhandle so we are at the beach every chance we get. Blessed to live 15 mins from the emerald coast!! Getting ready for my three year old son to go to preschool in sept.

  • katooooooo

    As I got my baby Noah on November, this summer was his first everything: first beach vacation, first time in pool so it was a real pleasure to use my time with my oldest boy Dylan and my little one

  • Chasenit

    Making summer last~~ we work in the garden together hoping to stash some veggies for winter, playing in the water, petting our lambs, and riding the horses and pony!! Summer is fleeting, for sure! LOVE the styling clothes– with a two and three year old, we would LOVE to go shopping!! :D

  • Tiffany Witherspoon

    I am trying to plan fun family activities for the weekends when my husband is off work so that we can make the most of the summer that we have left. I know that once summer is over things are going to get crazy with the holiday season nearly upon us and our baby girl due Jan. 1st! Eek! So much to do before then but don’t want to miss out on opportunities for summer family fun before things really get busy.

  • JC

    We are making the most of what is left of summer by raiding our garden for all the goodies and cooking up what we pick! My boys love tomatoes right off the vine…..

  • lewarr

    Celebrating birthdays with a fun painting party. Seeing what the tooth fairy is leaving. Enjoying family movie nights. Spending time with family and friends and just being.

  • Erin Booth

    We’ll be enjoying our pool and our recent outdoor house renovations! We will also be taking an adults only trip to Vegas!

  • No. 1 Mom

    Me and my family are enjoying time at the pool and also doing inside activities like crafts and helping me around the house.

  • G

    We’re been making a lot of forts and having picnics in the backyard. Also visiting the park daily.

  • Emily Gager

    My babes and I are busy trying to enjoy each day that is left of summer by spending lots of quality time together. Swimming, arts and crafts, indoor campouts ( my fave!) and lots of interactive cooking! All our favorite things

  • Joanna Rodriguez

    Not really summer vacation as baby is 10 months old…. But def keeping busy! Learning how to cook new dishes, learning how to feed herself, while lots of diaper changing!!! But doing it everyday makes me happy! Who wold have thought?

  • Haley Prather

    Living in Michigan we know that Summer is fleeting. This is a beautiful state with many gorgeous places to visit, Traverse City,Charlevoix, the beaches etc. However we spend so much of the year freezing our butts off that when the 69 degree weather hits you can find us in flip flops and sandals! Once the really warm Summer weather hits we know we have to soak up every ray of sunshine while we have it. We have a lot planned to make the absolute most of this Summer before it comes to a close (and our first baby starts Kindergarten.) We have been allowing her to throw lemonade stands whenever she asks even if our neighbors get sick of seeing us out there lol. We have planned visits to our local beach, is there anything better than a beach trip? Also we are planning a super fun birthday party at a gymnastics gym for our son! We love doing family movie bigs, gotta stay up late while you still can! And finally can’t forget the bonfires! Mmm s’mores anyone?

    Xoxo Haley P.


    My wife just had our first baby on June 27, a girl, Olivia! So, needless to say, we’ve spent the summer enjoying her, and getting to know her, and getting our routine down!! It’s been so amazing and such a blessing to have had it work out that we were both able to be home during this wonderful time in her life and ours! Oh, and FYI, the outfit she wore home from the hospital was a Little Maven outfit! :) She looked GORGEOUS, of course! ;) Thanks Tori!

  • Haley Prather

    Movie nights* darned autocorrect.

  • Katherine Marcantoni

    We are swimming a lot enjoying the sunny days here in FL.

  • Janetb001

    It is the last two weeks of summer before I go back to teaching. I will try to spend as much time as possible with my daughter:)

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    I have enjoyed my nephews (3 of them!) and my niece, as our children are grown and moved away. The little ones range from four months to six years, and they love the pool, water park, mini golfing ( well me and the six year old- LOL) now we are looking for goodies for school at terrific pricing!

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    Janetboo1, I am a teacher too, and don’t those days seem to fly by three times as fast as a school day? I have always thought that… LOL

  • Amy Jenkins

    We have a season pass to a local waterpark. So, I have been trying to squeeze in a couple last visits with my 3 kiddos. Also, my husband and I have been attending some of our favorite band’s concerts. Summer has flown by!

  • Susan Evans

    We are playing outside as much as possible. Nothing is better than watching your child run around barefoot in the grass after a rainstorm!

  • Hoaterpit

    We are trying to get the most use of our Hershey Park season passes. The kids love the rides and Chocolate World!

  • Allison Mackewich

    Ah! I LOVE the outfit on top! It’s totally my 30 month old son’s style. We are simply spending time together as a family, riding bikes together (Tate has a balance bike that he adores), & watching some baseball too.

  • colleen

    We are getting outdoors as much as possible. Family hikes every Sunday & parks during the week.

  • TDK9647

    I love your clothes I have a 5 yr old a 4 yr old grandsons and I have a 2month old grandson and a 2month old granddaughter and I have just found your clothing for the two new ones they now have about 4 outfits a piece ranging from 6months to 18 months I would love to be able to get them more outfits with your contest.

  • Becky R

    We don’t have much “summer” left! Our kids go back to school on Aug. 13. We are hoping for one more day spent with all of the cousins picnicking and playing at the beach!

  • tina

    I plan to redesign, rearrange and redecorate a room to give it a more “cheery” vibe. :)

  • TDK9647

    opps hit post too soon… I have been enjoying spending as much time as I can with the two new babies as I can I have taken them to the zoo. My plans before the summer is completely over is to some fun crafts with them all I want to make some stepping stones with them and their feet prints…

  • AmyKat

    Those clothes are so cute! Is there anywhere to buy them in larger sizes? Would love them for my little guy (who just turned 2 today), but he’s already in a 3T.

    We’re spending the rest of the summer playing outdoors as much as possible. We’re hitting the zoo, the pools, the parks – anything and everything to get our little man out and interacting with the world. Making as many memories as we can as we go!

  • Dusti Bontempo

    We try to do something different each day- go to the park, go swimming, go to the beach, look at nature stuff under a microscope, blow bubbles, look for cicada shells.

    I’m a teacher, so summers with my babies are very important to me. :)

  • JackieH

    Trying to take care of my little princess Zoey . Getting the older kids ready for School in Sept. We have such a large family 5 children , the littlest Zoey has a heart problem. Just enjoying life!!❤

  • Jenscookingpad

    Spending time with my 9 month old :}

  • Vic17

    Trying to be outside and enjoy the summer weather as much as possible! My son and I play on the beach, tend the garden and play outside!

  • Sarah Hart

    Epic army men battles in the thick jungles of…our backyard :)

  • KitKat

    We are making the most of Summer while it lasts by taking our Granddaughter Amber swimming at the beach 4 miles from our home and fishing with her. We are making special summer desserts as well and also enjoying ice cream at the local drive in…

  • Sarah

    Lots of picnics at the park . Bike riding, day trips to Phoenix. We’re waiting to have our family vacation . In September my husband comes home on R&R from Afghanistan. Then we’ll go have some fun at LegoLand & the beach !

  • Sharon Kruschen

    My mommy group friends and I have put together summer schedule of events called Camp Mommy. Monday is Make Monday where we make a craft. Tuesday is movies. Our local movie theater has free movies for kids all summer long. Wednesday is Water Wednesday. We either go swimming, beach or splash pad. Thursday is Trip Thursday. We’ve gone to the zoo, sky high, chuck e cheese, museums, etc. Friday is Fun Friday or our misc day. It’s been a lot of fun!

  • jymie

    Texas heat is no joke! We are trying to keep cool any way we can! Pools, bowling, amusement parks!

  • Tan

    Well T
    Although it’s goodbye to summer in the US, my children would adore styling into our Australian summer wearing something from your Little Maven collection.

  • Tien

    I’ve been taking my 5 year-old little Buggy to play group, Crossfit, movies in the park, lunch with her Gramma Carol, and her favorite is we planted a little garden with sweet peas, strawberries, several different kinds of sweet peppers (her favorite), tomatoes, and various herbs. :)

  • Tien

    I’ve been taking my 5 year-old little Buggy to play group, Crossfit, movies in the park, lunch with her Gramma Carol, and her favorite is we planted a little garden with sweet peas, strawberries, several different kinds of sweet peppers (her favorite), tomatoes, and various herbs. She loves to help me bake and cook. We have been making lots of fruit cobblers. When she grows up, her dream is to open her own cupcake shop. She loves to see all your posts about Dean’s cooking and the kids. :)

  • Holly

    Well, summer here is already over, the kids went back to school over 2 weeks ago! We live in Arizona though, so summer is kind of a bummer anyway. We’re looking forward to their 2 week break in October so we can get out and do some camping with LOTS of hiking!

  • Laura Cole

    staying up all night packing…and then heading off for a week to vacation in rustic minnesota with the family! and then my baby starts pre-school!

  • Laura Cole


  • Rachel Garcia

    Enjoy every moment left making many memories with my hubby and kids xoxo

  • LoloBee

    I’ll be spending the rest of my summer preparing for my little girl’s arrival and then surrounding her with love once she is here! :)

  • Christy Joy

    I’m on maternity leave and have the summer “off”. My little one was born into the world with a rough landing, but is doing GREAT now! Baby, Mom, and Dad are enjoying each other and all the newness of being a parent. We are savoring our summer as well as lots of funny movies, otter pops, and one COOL baby named Sawyer! ;)

  • Roxie sean

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  • Tracey Ruel

    We are taking in every moment. Trying to finish up our Summer Bucket List. Planning a first birthday for Miss Hadley Rose and going to SC to enjoy some time at the beach before my oldest head off to first grade and my middle guy goes to Pre-K. Summer went so fast!

  • Melanie

    We are spending as much time as a new family of four as we can- harvesting our veggies from our garden, going on walks and bike rides, going “camping” which means making Smores- basically enjoying everyday together!

  • Tami Lawson

    We have just one week until school starts here so we are trying to pack all the stuff we didn’t get to this summer into it:) amusement park, county fair, local kiddie attractions.

  • Emily Beebe

    My little lady just started kindergarten! Ahhh! So weird to have one in school now…but we are making the most of our Sundays plan is to hit Riley’s Farm here in Socal for some berry picking ;)

  • Heather

    We are leaving for a two week vacation on Tuesday! We will get back just before Labor Day. Can’t wait to see the rest of my family.

  • Chrissy

    Well, we planned to go to my hometown but financial issues wouldn’t let us. Instead we have been doing a lot of DIY crafts this Summer! I have a little girl who’s 2 and would love to win this for her! Thanks or the opportunity :)

  • Erin G

    We LOVE Little Maven at my house. My daughter looks fantastic everyday! :-)

  • Melbell

    We haven’t done too much….but always about making memories with our kids. Since kids only have a 6 week break not much to do. Plus with Sports it keeps our family pretty busy. but Always want to look good doing it. This line it so cute.

  • melissa darling

    Here in new york we havent had much of a summer..but plan on taking my three kids to the water park about a hour away soon in the next couple weeks before they head back to school…maybe some more swimming seeing we’ve only went a couple times this year with the cold and rain..not many sunny days :( thanks for the opportunity tori..

  • Rita

    We just spent a week camping – the beach was beautiful and the water was warm :)
    We also went to a local amusement park! We have spent a few nights watching out door movies offered by our local town – nothing like watching a movie under the stars!! Loving summertime!!!

  • Katie Pendergast

    My kiddos have already started back to school this week, but I’m making the most of the my 7 hours alone by finishing up some much needed projects around the house! Love surprising them with some of your unique snack ideas (PB&J sushi) when they come home from school!

  • Dawn

    we have not done much this summer. have been taking care of grand kids. would love to win this for my grandchildren.

  • Pregkitty

    Spent it relaxing and traveling!

  • Trish

    I try to get my family down to the beach during the weekends! I know we all want to enjoy the sun and sand!

  • steph

    Spending time with my little one crafting and laughing!

  • Erin

    Spend every moment I can with my little man playing, talking, singing, reading. I go back to work in 1 week! :(

  • Christen Canamare

    We are headed to Lego Land with our 5 kids to squeeze in one last vacay before school and soccer start next week :) I love keeping up with you and your beautiful kiddos! I miss your reality show!

  • Sue

    I would love to win a gift card for my 2 grandchildren. My grandson Aidan is almost 1 yr. old and my granddaughter just turned 8. She is starting the 3rd grade. They live in Tenn. and I’m in Pa. so I would love to be able to send them this gift card :)

  • victoriastuff

    At the end of the day when its cooled down a little we go for walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes we stop at the pool if it isn’t too busy :)

  • atcrossman

    I made a promise to do something with my girls everyday. It can be as simple as a trip to the playground or pool or something bigger like a trip to the zoo. So far, I’ve been successful and my oldest only has 3 more days of summer left :(

  • Sarah Turner

    Been enjoying the beautiful weather as best as we can, visiting splash parks, the lake with family, birthday parties, picnics walks to the park and water fights in the back yard with my little guy. Summer is definitely a very busy time for our family. Love your little Maven Boys clothes!!!!!!

  • Mario

    We have been taking full advantage of our summer! we’ve gone on several road trips to visit family out of area. This coming weekend we are gong the the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival. Camping out baby! My sweet little Boo Starts Kindergarten Sept 3rd! How the time flies!!

  • kerianne

    Hi Tori!
    My son and I just got back from our local sprint car, and tractor races. He LOVES watching them! He really want’s to race a motorcycle when he get’s older. ( I’m not sure how I feel about that!)That’s just one of the many things that we love doing during the summer months. I love the little Maven line. Everything is so cute! And affordable! I work for a non-profit organization taking care of individuals with special needs and my sons father is getting ready to have a 2nd kidney transplant due to a kidney disease so he is not working at this time so we don’t always have extra money. Our little Adam is starting Pre-school this year and the little Mavin line is making it easier for us to have super cute, affordable things things for our little guy. Thanks for considering us to be the winners of the Little Mavin contest! Keri Sowers

  • alicia nello

    Ma fille de deux ans et moi profitons en douceur du beau temps qu’il fait

  • alicia nello

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  • alicia nello

    Ma fille de deux ans et moi Profitons en douceur du beau temps qu’il fais ici

  • Tanya S.

    We bought a zoo membership this year and are taking full advantage of it! We also are going to many local events and festivals. My husband and I are having so mch fun with our little man (3 in November) and we are expecting another little blessing in January! I love the Little Maven line and I am so looking forward to finding out the gender to start buying!

  • Amy Kelble Kuhn

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Us teachers, here in Kansas City, have already gone back to school and began prepping for the first day of school. Therefore, my family & I just took a mini-vacation to the St. Louis Arch, zoo & Children’s Museum…to enjoy what was left of our summer vacation! :)

  • Mish44

    Being in the moment w my little man and cherishing the small joys of every day: puzzles, going outside, sprinklers and fun new foods!

  • CarrieAn13

    I like you on facebook and we are doing as many outdoor activities as possible! Cookouts, hikes, and lots of family time

  • Elisa Geissel

    Excited to plan our little girl’s 1st birthday party. Brainstorming one last family trip if we can.

  • trisha tate

    Birthday celebration today for our 7 year old and 3 year old marks summer coming to an end. We went to the water park to celebrate…great day!

  • Samantha Peak

    For our summer we are spending as much time with our new baby as we can. Not much time outside until next year.

  • Lauren Secord

    We are spending as much time at the beach and splash as we can. We also spend time at my brothers pool so my niece can hang with my boys as much as possible before school starts. Btw, love your Little Maven clothes! Great style!

  • Brandy Cockrell

    I am a Stay at home mom to three, ages 7, 6 and 4. I love all the quality time we spend together in the summer, just doing nothing! Just being together! I love your Little Maven line! Keep the cute clothes coming! :)

  • Stacy Poulin

    My husband & I are expecting our Baby Boy in December! We can’t wait! We are staying cool this summer by going to pools and relaxing in the air!!

  • Lindzie Warfield

    We’ve had lots of fun this summer!!! My oldest is about to start Kindergarten so to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of school we are spending today at Sesame place. I also am planning a small back to school party :)

  • srigli

    I start back to teaching two weeks before my daughter does, so I am planning on surprising her a few nights each week with special date nights – the amusement park, ice cream, the park, movie night, etc. she loves when I surprise her!!

  • trice125

    Relaxing and staying cool.

  • chhrystalk

    Since we are still super hot in Phoenix, I am still using my pool with my grandson. Hard to do much else in the valley of the sun until fall!

  • Stephanie Pitman

    We are swimming all we can here in Kansas City. My awesome husband is setting up our back yard for a swim in theatre tonight. It’s going to be a blast watching Oz Great and Powerful and a fun at home memory for the kids and us.

  • macal

    I’m a teacher so my summer is ending soon. Any time the weather is nice I love taking my 7 month old to the park to go on the toddler swings. It’s such a fun ‘Mommy and Me’ moment each day.

  • Andrea Amsalem

    We are spending the rest of summer hanging by the pool and going to the oak park splash pad. My niece is visiting from AZ, so we will be throwing her a hello kitty (its her favorite!) themed pool party next weekend. We will probably be making a trip to Disneyland as well.

  • Anastasia Borisyuk

    To make the most of summer we are taking weekly trips to the beach and park with family!

  • ilovemybeagle2

    Oh we have been swimming alot in the pool, and visiting all our local parks! Carter loves to swing and slide so its fun to see different ones! Just being outside as much as possible before the snow flies!

  • Kellie OShields

    I am taking my girls to the pool and the beach this summer. We are having the best time! They are two and four and love the ocean!

  • Erin B.

    We are getting as much time outside as we can. NC is experiencing a pretty mild summer with the temps, so outdoor time is a MUST! My 20 mo. old baby girl would look so great in the Little Maven line! Sparkle Dress & Tunic Set are just TOO CUTE!

  • Brooke Brittell

    I don’t have little ones of my own… But I do have nieces and nephews that I treat as my own since I am unable to have kids of my own. It is now Blueberry season in my area of VT and we have been picking buckets full and making tons of goodies along with “pop up” out door movies in the local towns since there is no drive-in anywhere near us. We love being in the outdoors its a shame school is literally 2 weeks away… My nieces and nephews would absolutely look adorable in these outfits and would make my friends kids jealous :)

  • Janet

    I have two boys. One just turned 7 and the other will turn 4 next month. My oldest just started back to school last week and his little brother misses him so much. My boys love to go swimming, ride bikes, do crafts, and play video games. That is pretty much what we do alot. We recently just took a trip to the beach for a couple days and visited a water park for my son’s birthday. Over this past weekend, we made a little bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made somores. We hope to do that a lot more when it gets cooler. I love to spend time with my family.

  • LMott

    I have two boys (7&3). My 7 y.o. starts 2nd grade this Thursday and is excited, but yet dissappointed in the end of summer. Both of my boys LOVE to be outside and anything they can do outside is all they need. I just can’t believe how fast time goes by…we just try to spend lots of time together whenever we get it. We love to go out back and make a bonfire and roast marshmallows or have cookout over the fire-no grills allowed ;). I love your Little Maven line of clothes and my boys would be so cute in these outfits. We love to be outside doing things and spending time together.

  • Rachel Butler

    My little girl is almost 3, Sept 6th is her birthday. She loves all types of clothes, especially when they are frilly and pretty. She loves her dresses and tutus and would wear them to sleep in if I let her. Any chance she gets she puts on a tutu, wears jewelry anywhere and carries a purse. She is a fashionista in the making like your cute Stella. My daughter would just love your clothes as much as her momma does.

    Molly, my daughter, and I try and make the most of summer, going to parks, crafts, swimming, going to the Zoo and learning about the animals as well as hanging out with our friends and family.

  • dallasfan38

    Summer is over for us. My little ones started back to school today. We were having fun reading, playing, gardening, and spending lots of family time together, though…it has been a great summer! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Ella’s Mommy

    I am making the most of my summer before going back to college by spending it with MY GORGEOUS, SILLY, AND SMART LITTLE GIRL. My daughters name is Ella and she will be a year old on AUGUST 30(LITTLE FINNS BIRTHDAY AS WELL!). This gift card would be such a blessing to us so that we could buy her some new adorable little maven clothing for her very first birthday!

    She and I read Tori’s blog nearly everyday. She loves to look at the kids!

    I allow her to pick out her clothes and bow almost everyday. She is a fashionista in the making and i hope her style turns out to be as good as stella’s!

    Tori is such an inspiration to every mother out there! She has given me so many ideas on cute things to make with ella and she seems to have a wonderful heart.

    Thank you for your give away!

  • MermaidMama

    We are making the most of our last week of summer by staying at the beach! It’s crowded in this hotel room with 3 kids 5 and younger and hubby and I, but we’re making memories! Thanks Tori!

  • Carrie Guthrie

    We went swimming, played at the beach, went to Lego land, worked in our garden and did all kinds of fun stuff this summer. We are winding down to get ready for pre-school next week. I would love a new wardrobe for my son…

  • Lovemymnms

    We are trying to soak up every last bit of sleeping in,playing in the parks, swimming, hitting at least one adventure trip a week and one last trip to the beautiful Jersey shore! I am more upset about returning to school than the kids!

  • Romina S.

    To make our summer last, we are enjoying as much family outdoor time together as possible. Whether it’s riding bikes or long walks and visiting the ducks and frogs or having an ice cream treat on our patio, watching the sun go down. These times will pass but not enjoying the moments.

  • mcsweetly

    We are so fortunate to work for ourselves, so we are cherishing every moment of summer with lots of family fun before our baby starts Kindergarten. Playing in the backyard, the pool and beginning the great bedtime wind down! I think I will have a harder time with her going to school that she will!

  • tiffany

    We are enjoying the lazy days of summer, eating ice crem, sleeping outdoors and hanging oit with family.

  • Tori Prenovost

    Spending our last weeks prepping for baby number 2!

  • Chelerella

    We are spending our summer mostly relaxing. I try to get home from work early enough every day to take the kids for a walk or to practice riding their bikes. We have our first big family vacation, since the twins were born, planned for the last week of summer, can’t wait.

  • jessica reeves

    We have spent every second that we can outside playing!

  • SuzanneH

    We are enjoying the end of summer by walking and riding bike outside as much as we can. It gets pretty cold here pretty fast in ND so anytime we can get outside, we do!

  • Key West Kids


  • Christi

    We are doing weekly family activities, outside if possible. We went blueberry picking last weekend, have had a picnic at a playground, took a trip to the zoo, and have gone swimming.

  • Randi

    We start back to school today! But we’ve had a great summer with lots of memories!

  • Lauren F

    Making the most of my time with my little boy before our little girl arrives this fall!

  • Liz Mylastname

    Sadly, the next couple weeks I have off before I go back to school will be spent getting projects done around the house, and my daughter will be at daycare.

  • Leah Russell

    Making the most of my summer by enjoying all the time that I can with my eight month old Ethan. We’ve also spent a lot of time with my and my husband’s relatives!

  • Jennifer Thornton

    We decided each day we have left of summer, we are going to teach our kids something new. Last night was baking peach crisp…this weekend we tackle golf! Should be fun for us all!

  • Marissa

    The last few days of summer we are spending time together playing outside, ride bikes going on last mimi get away. Before school and the busy year starts.

  • WendyGeel

    Trying to make the best of any and all free time together when aren’t working or doing school. Time flies by so fast so never seems enough time in a day. Living in Texas we enjoy the pool and library to cool down. Best times spent :-)

  • VDesro

    I have to go back to work in September after having my very first little one. I’m makimg the most of my summer by spending every minute I can with him, cherishing every kiss and snuggle and milestone.

  • mdymommy

    We are making the most of our weekends, as everyone is back to school and work. It’s those lil moments with each other that create memories for a lifetime. I also stritcly enforce no cell phones while taking a Friday evening walk with my girls!!

  • Kerry Bolender

    Only a couple weeks of summer here between summer school and fall semester beginning soon! Just trying to take in anytime we have together and seeing family & friends!

  • hazel_bea

    spending quality time with family visiting from the Philippines!!!! :)

  • Tamra

    Hanging out with my baby boys and trying to stay cool in the Texas heat! :)

  • rachel

    We’re going on vacation next week! Gotta savor each day. :)

  • susan rohrer

    Our summer has already ended. My oldest 6 started school May 31. We added one more baby to our crazy bunch in March. So we spent the summer at local water parks and the zoo. Our children all 4 of them love to be outside so we do our best at activities that allow them to stay outdoors.

  • Sara Byrne

    We saved our family vacation for August. Great way to end the summer!

  • Cindy Greco

    Planning a Sweet 16 & Happy 1st Birthdays for my youngest and oldest!! The whole time-going-by-thing has my head dizzy :)

  • Missysmom3

    Summer went by so fast kids go back to school next week trying to squeeze some amusement park and swimming time in.

  • deanna

    we are going to the park and bike riding as much as we can

  • Kathy

    I have 4 kids and their Dad and I are getting divorced and he just dropped a bomb on them that he is moving away from them we are here in NM to go to CA so they are devastated and trying to make them feel better by going to the library and having board game nights and getting ready for school to start all while spending time with my Dad who is very ill and is on a liver transplant list we are just trying to keep the faith of knowing everything has a reason and a purpose even if we don’t understand what it is!

  • Martha Tackett

    I am enjoying my two year old grandson as much as possible this year, since next summer he will be sharing my attention with “baby sister.”

  • Pholukx

    Evenings in the park and at the Bronx zoo with my two month old looking sweet in her little Maven dresses! I love how she looks in them and am sad she is outgrowing them already

  • Brittoshops

    Who said summer has to end? :)
    We are enjoying summer evenings in the backyard and gathering veggies from our garden! My girls are looking forward to selling lemonade this weekend and we have a special trip planned away the last week before school starts. They’d sure look cute in Little Maven doing it all!

  • Michelle

    Spending as much time as I can with my girls before my oldest has to go back to school! She has been working hard all summer to try and get over her fear of water and learning how to horseback ride

  • Megan Carrick

    We have mastered road trips! We have gone to 7 different states in the past month, and my amazing husband always finds us the best parks, schools, etc. to stop and stretch our legs (of course with little ones we had to make a ton of extra pit stops!) Our amazing littles spent 11 1/2 hours in the car on one of our travel days, and they never complained. It’s been so much fun seeing the World through their eyes.

  • toeknee

    Did I miss this chance… arrgghhhh… My 3 year old starts her deaf and hard of hearing class on Monday.. Summer is over. :( my heart is breaking to send her away 8-4 every day.. I feel jipped… you should lose your kid to school all day when you planned on being a stay at home Mom… just sad. and sharing… Tori you amaze me! Your so up beat! LOve love

  • Lani

    We have not spent the summer doing much out ordinary for us. My husband has been working his tail off and trying to get the business he started with my dad going. Our daughter and I have had a lot of one on one time. We pretty much spend our days together playing in her little pool,going for walks or practicing her letters and numbers. We are going home to Pennsylvania in September to see family we have not seen in over a year, so we are very excited for that:)

  • KitKat

    Taking our 8 year old Granddaughter Amber fishing and camping in the tent is what we are doing this summer… It is so much fun to spend family time with her when she comes for the weekends to visit…

  • Sandra chali

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    Posted by. miss Sandra Chali

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  • Sweet T

    We had a great summer. Camping and going to the beach. We even got to feed little baby goats.
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