A wine tasting may be the ultimate foodista indulgence. But since four pregnancies has meant more than 36 months sans vino in the last few years, I have a few creative alternatives up my sleeve. Whether you’re looking for a stress-free alternative to a full-blown dinner party or a date night activity to enjoy with your hubby, these three tasting ideas are as delicious as they are fun. From olive oil to chocolate to cheese, unleash your inner foodista and go gourmet…



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My fellow foodistas know that all olive oil is not alike. Like wines, olive oils have a wide variety of complex notes and undertones. And since olive oil is also healthier to cook with than butter, it can help to educate yourself on what varieties you like the most.

You need:

  • Glasses (for sipping)
  • Sauce dishes (for dipping)
  • Bread (for dipping)
  • A few kinds of olive oil
  • Green apples (palate cleanser)



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Chocolate lovers rejoice. Yes, you can plan a tasting party around chocolate too. Break up bars and prepare a platter that includes a good mix of dark, light, and white chocolates. You might just discover your new favorite bar or truffle in the process.

You need:

  • Serving platter
  • A variety of chocolate (white, milk, dark)
  • Fresh or dried fruit, mild nuts, pretzels, potato chips or a baguette (palate cleansers)



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The key to a good cheese tasting is having a variety of cheeses. Include at least one cheese made with each type of milk—cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk—and cheeses of different firmness and textures too. But if you are preggers, be sure to stay away from soft, unpasteurized cheeses. If you’re not preggers, you can include wine pairings to go along with your fromage. Yum!

You need:

  • Serving platter
  • Cheese knives
  • A variety of cheese
  • Accompaniments (olives, toasted nuts, dried of fresh fruit, honey, cornichons—my personal favorite!)
  • A sliced baguette and crackers

Fun, right? What kind of tasting parties can you dream up?

Share your ideas with me below.



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