Caption This: My Two True Loves

For my latest Caption This contest, I’m turning the focus from my biggest addiction to my two fave leading men… in a photo starring Dean as himself and Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow! (Any other Legends of the Fall fans out there?) In this priceless photo, my handsome hubs is showing off some serious Legends of the Fall spirit. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

There’s nothing wrong with having a true love in reality and on screen, right?

How would you caption this star-studded photo? Let me know in the comments!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


You all left some hilarious responses to this Legends of the Fall themed post! Here are my five favorites:

You might be T’s ’90s Brad, but I’m her eternal Gourmet Dad!Olga
How do I get rid of this pitt in my stomach?Cristy
Takes a stud to wear a stud!Shannon
He may be a legend of the fall, but I’m a legend in the kitchen!Erin
If you can’t beat him… wear him!Kat

So funny!! Stay tuned for my next Caption This post!


  • shanmari7

    You want a piece of THIS????

  • shanmari7

    “I know you want a piece of THIS…”

  • Kim Juliana

    Double my pleasure..

  • Kim Juliana

    Double my pleasure..

  • Cammy Gollner

    Long hair no beard, short hair beard….either way, both legends!

  • Cammy Gollner

    Long hair, no beard….short hair, beard….either way, both legends.

  • Kiley Jakobsen

    This guy’s got nothin’ on me!

  • Kim Juliana

    “DeanPittLicious up in the hizzaay..”

  • Jody

    Who’s secure enough with his own masculinity to wear a shirt with Brad Pitt on it? This guy!! :)

  • Ashley Taylor
  • sashalu

    This is what I call a two for one special!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    “Salon Brand Conditioner VS Store Brand: You be the judge!”

    Have a fab day all!
    Lory Ann

  • Mrs. CandyO

    I married Tori Spelling and all Brad got was this stupid tee shirt ;) (he he)

  • virginia delman

    I would caption it – “What Can I Say? We are picTORIal Hotties.” :)


  • Britta

    I lost the bet and Tori made me wear this T-shirt all week!

  • Jadie

    I do not do twitter but I would label this “Hot! Hot! Hot! (Dean is the winner as far as I am concerned)

  • carolyn stertz

    Legends of the fall? I am a legend in the mall! Being married to Tori ‘n all!

  • Heather

    Be careful you might awaken my inner bear ‘T’!


  • Cherie H

    It’s time to choose Tori…..him or me??

  • beckie

    Ok had to enter this because L of Fall is 1 of my all time favorite movies & I don’t meet many people who remember this movie, was considering naming my son Tristan. So my caption would be “Hubba-Hubba – Dean Listening to his Inner Voice

  • karyn o’connor

    official .. dean is the perfect man and tori and i were separated at birth

  • Karla Fields

    OK….I can understand Tori’s attraction, he is “PURDY”!!! :)

  • Karla Fields

    OK….I can understand Tori’s attraction, he is “PURDY”!!! :)

  • karyn o’connor

    man enough to appreciate man legend

  • Karla Fields

    OK….I can understand Tori’s attraction, he is “PURDY”!!! :)

  • beckie

    oh my twitter is B_Mostello. I have tweeted a bit with u before for a denver based company

  • karyn

    Oh yeah! I AM as cool as this Guy!!

  • Kat Whelpley

    If you can’t beat him… wear him!

  • Marg

    BAMM it’s me or the highway!

  • Kandy

    my wife made me wear this shirt

  • Jami Birnbaum

    Two for the price of one…

  • MistyMommyof3<3

    You are looking at a true Brad Pitt Legend of Dads

  • Alexis Janiszewski

    Oh yeah!!! She picked me over him! BOOM!

  • Donna Layton

    Two stud muffins in one shirt!!! Yummy!!!

  • Cherise Kachelmuss

    Past and Present Loves…

  • brookernay

    I’m going to have to incorporate a movie quote into my caption from Tristan (Brad Pitt). ;)

    Dean: “Because you love T, I will forgive that, ONCE! Say it again, Tristan…and you are no longer my brother.”

  • brookernay

    Twitter: brookernay

  • brookernay

    I’m going to have to incorporate a movie quote into my caption from Tristan (Brad Pitt). ;)

    Dean: “Because you love T, I will forgive that, ONCE! Say it again, Tristan…and you are no longer my brother.”

    Twitter: brookernay

  • desi

    Look at this shirt and then look at me, which one are you choosing?

  • Jan Boyle

    OMG! I Love love love Legends of the Fall too! Brad Pitt so sexy!

  • Andrea Edwards

    Either: “Where fantasy meets reality” or “He fills her mind, but I fill her heart”. :-)

  • Linda Larson

    “This could never rock your world like I do baby”!

  • Kelly Alford

    It’s Me or him, T!

  • Christelle B

    “I’m with Stupitt”
    sorry but I can’t stand the guy

  • Shan-no-ni!

    Takes a stud to wear a stud!

  • Tammie

    Look T, Is there even any thing to compare here? We have it all !!!

  • kelly campbell

    If wearing this for you doesn’t prove my love for I don’t know what will!!

  • JulieR322

    I’m one kid short of being this guy.

  • JulieR322

    Ooops, @julier322 is my Twitter!

  • GrammaJean

    Dean saying, “I want to be Brad for T.”

  • Jillian O’Rourke

    Brad is cute. But I’m cute and can cook.

  • Kristy Levine

    This guy ain’t got nothing in me!

  • sunshine

    Tori Spelling you are number One eye candy. I am a white libra man,my name is

  • TH

    Even though you can’t have him, You’ll always have me babe! Yes I’m that GOOD!!

  • TH


  • marcyc

    See this guy I got him beat big time

  • dallasfan38

    If you were trying to hide this shirt from me, you’d better get up a little earlier in the morning!

  • kelly campbell


  • Function2Flair

    Dean: “How do I get rid of this pitt in my stomach?”

    Twitter: Function2Flair

  • KimWalk99

    You can get with this… Or you can’t get with that!

  • KimWalk99

    Twitter: KimWalk99

  • Mauigirl09

    Brad in anything are you kidding!

  • Laura Cole

    the uncharted on charted territori


  • Tanya Nicholson

    I want this guy to play me in the movie about our lives. Twitter: MonroeDaisy

  • Tiffany Fischer

    Yes! I’m that guy wearing this shirt to that movie!Only I am cool enough to pull it off!

  • Cassie Hohn

    Yet another role Brad Pitt and I were both up for but I guess my hair wasn’t long enough.

  • Erin

    He may be a legend of the fall, but I’m a legend in the kitchen!

  • Nathou .Franck .Liam

    There is the legend with Brad.
    And now there is your husband Dean for life!

    Twitter : derblum1

  • tjk1023

    This T’s for you Miss T !! Twitter @tjk_scentsy

  • dianne805

    You may be her fantasy on the big screen…but I am her fantasy AND reality 24 hours a day…I WIN!

  • Katia

    “Is he wearing a shirt with my face on it, too?” or “It’s not PiTT, it’s McDermoTT”

    Twitter @KikiOnTheMove

  • Nana4

    Your looking at the better MAN wearing the shirt!….lost all respect to the other when he left his wife…for another! You Got THE BETTER OF THE TWO…..NO COMPARISON.

  • Nana4

    Your looking at the Better Man (wearing the shirt)….lost all respect for the other guy when he left his wife for another!… There is NO…comparison!..Dean is more award winning in all areas.

    • D L

      Ummm….dean left HIS wife for another woman as well. dean was married with one young boy and in the middle of adopting a baby girl when he left Mary Jo for Tori so your “logic” is mindboggling.

  • Beth Nickmann

    I’m a gourmet Legend in the kitchen! Twitter @beggle73

  • Vicki Adamich

    T, LOOK! My hair is an eighth of the way there!!!

  • Meloni

    Dream on, Brad, T is mine. Just saying….

  • Olga Lokmagozyan

    You might be T’s “80′s” Brad,
    but I’m her eternal Gourmet Dad!


  • Olga Lokmagozyan

    You might be T’s “90′s” Brad,
    but I’m her eternal Gourmet Dad!


  • Kim Newton

    I could be your Legends of the Fall

  • angie bolton

    well it finally happened my husband got his picture on a t-shirt…

  • Janet

    What, you think this guy looks better than me!

  • Emily Goodman

    “I” make this look good…..

  • Emily Goodman

    Wait? This is not me? I swear they were supposed to put my picture on here. Are you sure?

  • Betty

    Look Honey I’m wearing your favorite t-shirt…I think I smell your perfume on it…I told you to please not wear my clothes!! LOL!!!

  • Betty

    I think Dean’s expression on his face is like really? seriously? Tori your wearing my clothes!! LOL!!!

  • mcsweetly

    You might be her fantasy, but I am legendary!

  • Linda Larson

    I gave her four kids in the amount of time it took you to do your hair pretty boy…top that!

  • Emi Lie

    “Tori, are you serious… this blondie?!” ;)

  • Kathy

    Keep your friends close but your wife’s on screen camera love even closer!

  • grannie3 boys

    he may be your fantasy but , he has nothing on me.

  • Sandra chali

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  • Chrissy T

    That`s right…I am cool enough to where this shirt!

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  • Truth be told its a commandmen

    As far as the whole dean cheating thing
    What goes around
    Comes around
    What you did to his first marriage
    Is just catching up to yours
    Once a cheat
    aLwAYs a cheat
    He will never change
    Nor will you