Caption This: Bath Time Bonding

It’s time for another Caption This contest. I think you’ll all agree that this round is our cutest yet. This endearing photo is of Liam and his little sis Hattie having bath time together. With four babes, we try to double up on bath time. A total mom maneuver and the kids love it!|

I love seeing my kids having so much fun together! Who needs rubber duckies when you have a brother or sister? #BabesBonding

How would you caption this photo of my babes in the bath?

Share your creative caption in the comments by next Thursday, August 22nd.  I’ll be sharing my five favorites here on ediTORIal. I’ll also be tweeting at the winner, so leave your Twitter handle with your caption. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  • Amy Wiley

    Liam: “Mom is getting you out first!” Hattie: “No way your first!!”

  • D

    Tell anyone about this Cat’tie and I will tickle you crazy!

  • Kellen Helies

    “Dude! Knoggins!

  • farmerswife760

    Liam: wanna see me make bubbles in the water?
    Hattie: too late I already did =)

  • Linda Larson

    “You cannot show this to my prom date Hattie”!

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    “Please tell me you didn’t pee in the bath water.”


  • Bria Crawford

    Hattie don’t tell Stella but your my best sister now 😉 shhh…

  • dallasfan38

    “You’re the cutest!”
    “No, no, no…you’re the cutest!”

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    “Please tell me you didn’t pee in the bath water.”



  • Lindsay Kehishian

    Remember I am your BIG brother…. don’t mess with me!

  • Storinella

    Perfect time for Liam to teach Hattie how to plot against mommy!

  • Lindsay Kehishian

    Remember I am your BIG brother…don’t mess with me!!

  • Storinella

    Perfect time for Liam to teach Hattie how to plot against mommy!

  • Deb Payette

    Peek a boo, I see you!!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    “Hattie, Promise not to tell Mommy we used her good shampoo and you WILL have luscious locks”

    Such a cute photo! I love all of these special memories, that is why I was so inspired to create keepsake onesies. Hold onto these moments forever, they’re only Little Ones once…

    Happy Baby Moments to all,

  • Silje

    jeg vill alltid v

  • Kathleen Orland

    Happiness is… taking a bath with someone you love!

  • Tova

    I love you… I love you more.

  • Kayleen Souza

    Fish are friends not food

  • Maria Covarrubias

    Liam: Your the best sister everrrr!

  • Jessi Boller

    Hattie, I think u need a butterfly kiss! Wow, Liam..I’ve never had one of those before! Thanks! :0)

  • melnyc

    I got you babe!

  • joe

    we will always have each others back.

  • Stacy Biscorner

    Rub a dub love!

  • melnyc


  • Deanna Ballentine

    Just tell Mom it was you ok Sis….

  • Stacy Biscorner

    Stacers9233 is my twitter handle

  • Janet

    Stay on your side!

  • tucky

    Of course we get along! We see eye to eye!

  • Elaine Graziano

    “now Hattie – no surprises in the water THIS time!”

  • Trina

    I told you the bubbles were stinky!

  • Elaine Graziano

    OOPS – @ElaineGraz is my twitter handle

  • lisa knox

    Don’t be scared, Liam. I’m right here!

  • Stephanie Bell

    I got you Babe….


  • melmac

    Hattie: That’s right big brother keep smiling and thinking I’m cute cause any minute I’m gonna head butt you and then lets see if you think I’m cute.

  • Amy Bailey

    No pooping in the tub Hattie, ok? I remember my middle son saying this every time he took a bath with his baby brother when he was little. It still cracks me up! Of course we did have a few floaters here and there :)

  • Whatvoices

    Brotherly love

  • k21momm

    I had a hard time choosing one…but here were my 3 that I thought of:
    Hattie Cat, you’re the one; you make bath time lots of fun (to tune of rubber duckie)
    Hattie, bath time is the only time you can get Mama all wet and not get in trouble!
    Hattie, if we add more bubbles to the water we could sneak Coco in!
    My twitter handle is: @k21momm

  • Sonia

    You are my Bestie! / I will always be by your side. @sonjess21

  • MamaKim

    Remember the plan for tonight… YOU distract them with a poopy diaper and I’ll sneak into the kitchen for the cookies.

  • Jen Penkul

    Ha ha we outsmarted bath time. We’re sitting in pee!

  • tncknepp

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell her what I just did in the bath water. It will be our little secret.


  • CBartley

    Rubba tub tub, look sis we’re having fun in the tub! @daysha1104

  • popoerichswife

    Liam’s telling her…”I know you dont know this yet, but I’m the king around here!”

  • CBartley

    Rub-a dub dub, look sis we’re having fun in the tub! @daysha1104

  • NaNcYc1971

    Liam: How do you make bubbles without bubblebath?…
    Hattie: How?
    Liam: Like this… (BIG TOOT)

    twitter @NaNcYc1971

  • nancy vanlaningham

    Rub a dub dub my loves in the tub! OX

  • penguinmama0714

    Splish spalsh we love our together time in the bath.

  • Katelyn Bacon

    “Shhhh, don’t tell mom I just peed!”

  • Jane Watts

    Lord help the mister that comes between me
    and my sister …

  • penguinmama0714

    I forgot my twitter handle

  • Jane Watts


  • penguinmama0714

    My twitter handle kassylena@penginmama0714 forgot to leave it earlier

  • kelly campbell

    I’ve always got your back little one don’t ever forget it …..

  • Sheri

    Liam: “Hatti, these family pics are mandaTORI. Get it, haha”
    Hattie: “You sure are funny, big brother”

  • Mandy

    You didn’t wash behind your ears.
    Yes I did.
    No you didn’t.
    Yes I did.
    No you didn’t….

  • lola

    Ok Hatti, on the count of 3, SPLASH MOMMY!!!!!

  • ilene schonhaus

    Dont know how to tell u this.. I just pooped! Glad u are still smiling..lol

  • Deborah Pucci

    Look at me and remember this….I will always be here for you!

  • Lea Sebastian

    ok here the plain you distract them with showing them something or a poopy diaper so I can get those brownies that mom just made ok

  • MamaKim

    “This is how you do an Eskimo kiss “

  • Michele

    Already looking up to my Big Brother :)

  • grannie3 boys

    listen to your big brother, I know everything.

  • Betty

    Liam says “Hattie I got a surprise for you! Pull my finger!! LOL!!

  • Betty

    Liam says to Hattie “On the count of 3 let’s splash mommie, 1, 2, 3….go!!!!”

  • ScrapCrazyDiva

    Here’s looking at you kid…

  • toeknee

    Oh, the things Im gonna show you! Stick with me kiddo!

  • hope brown

    Scrub a Dub Dub

  • Sharon Kruschen

    “Ugga mugga!” PS I just blogged about some bath time fun with my toddler. Check it out http://www.mamachitchat.com/2013/08/bath-time-fun/

  • Danimarie5

    You are my sunshine my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.

  • Danimarie5

    On the count of three, we splash mommy!

  • cinmae

    They remind me of the rug rats distake the grownups while I get the screwdriver!

  • WinkNCats

    hey little brother,we are in this together forever!

  • Carrie D

    “Dude, the cuter we look the more we get away with, so smile big!”

  • Carrie D

    “The cuter we look the more we get away with, so smile big!”

  • Frannie

    Oh yeah, wait for it, wait for it…..bubbles!

  • Mexiwigger

    “Head bumps!” :-) My kids call giving “knuckles” giving “bumps”. Lol!


  • susan murphy

    so glad we see eye to eye…@susanmurphyinc

  • Betty

    I am rubber and you are glue whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!! Now got that Hattie!!! LOL!!! stick with me and I’ll teach you more..let’s say tomorrow same time same place!!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Looking up to my big brother from day one!

  • Patti Ippolito

    Love Tori & Dean shows, recently caught the one of you going deep sea diving with Dean, couldn’t help but think of him as I saw you two angels in the tub….my caption “Daddy makes bubbles when he takes a bath”.

  • Jackie C

    “My cup runneth over Hattie”
    All I see in this pic is love!! Makes me want to call my brother, we used to take baths together too, there are some cute pics of us just like these. :) @jackiec14

  • Carol Kaufman

    Brother, Yes Hatti, Will you always be my protector. Yes I will protect you for ever and ever, I love you.

  • Jewel

    Listen Sis, I got your back no matter what age you are! I love you sis<3

  • Pebbles

    Rub a Dub Dub giving each other some sibling LOVE!!!

  • markz16

    blood is thicker than water… nothing will ever come between us!

  • Jillian Hajdasz

    I love you, Hattie. I’ll always love you.


    Don’t tell mom, but if you “tweet” in the bath tub we can make a lot of bubbles!!!

  • monique

    Let’s not tell dad, mom bought another pair of shoes today ok?


    J’ADORE!c’est tres touchant.

  • morgane

    Super cute too this photo
    Love Morgane

  • JenniferLynn

    Please remember I will always be there for you.

  • Becca

    Always and Forever…

  • Kim Newton

    Bathtub Buddies.

  • Tamah French

    “Uh-oh, did Mama grab the bottle of crafting glue instead of the shampoo?!”

  • pam

    You have beautiful children! big Brother will always be there for his BABY Sister!

  • Laila Afify

    Liam : tonight I sleep with mom or else…..

  • muller virginie

    The family complicity is a game the happiness of which sees itself to the bathroom!

  • markz16


  • Christie Johnson

    I’ve got you babe!

  • Tynicksam

    Rub-a-dub-dub…two McDermotts in a tub!

  • Sammy Schneider

    I have to agree with Christie on this one; I’ve got you babe! That’s what instantly popped in my head before even reading the comments. This photo is too cute!

  • Sara Byrne

    Hattie, if you tell the kids in 1st grade about this, no more sneaking you extra cookies.

  • Cheryl Bosley

    “Liam, I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I am living, my older brother you will be.”

  • susan miller

    Butterfly kisses,,,,,,,

  • Diana Seib

    I love you little sis!

  • Christine Nafziger


  • Dani

    Liam, do it again. Make more bubbles! @blossombunkhous

  • SoCalGurl

    I promise to keep all your secrets if you promise to keep mine…

  • Amy

    I kinda like you! ;0)

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  • Meag

    Hattie… did you fart?


  • Cschmidt

    Just the beginning of a lifetime full of love!

  • Chrissy T

    Ok, you ready? On 3 we splash Mom! 1…2….3!

  • TwoPinkPeas

    “Liam…you got to make the bubbles last time…it’s my turn now!”

  • TwoPinkPeas

    Oops…sorry forgot my Twitter name…it’s @mytwopinkpeas

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  • susan murphy

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  • Jenny_Di

    Where`s your answers, Tori? Nowhere)) That`s what I`m talking about. Shame on you with all your family. I don`t care about you, because you’re absolutely indifferent, narcissistic person.