Throwback Thursday: ’90s Fashion is Back

I’ve been a devoted stylista ever since I could pick out my own outfits. My style has evolved a lot over the years, but one thing has remained the same—I always make sure to have fun with fashion. So in honor of #ThrowbackThursday I thought I’d share a few of my best stylista moments of the ‘90s aka the decade I spent as Donna Martin. There are trends I look back on fondly and a few I can only laugh about now. Click through the slideshow below to see them all.

What were some of your favorite ‘90s trends?


P.S. For a look at some of the most memorable pieces I still have hanging in my closet, check out this video I made.

  • Ashley Taylor

    TOTALLY remember that sunflower dress!! That is awesome in every way! Have you seen the latest trend taking over men?? You will cry.

  • Simplysandi

    I loved wearing double breasted jackets with shoulder pads, short skirts and tights. I think I had “Elaine Bennis” hair from Seinfeld.

  • Twyla Bass

    I can remember wearing the jeans with pink leather chaps on the front.
    My husband and I are watching the 90210 series all over again, so I remember very clearly some of these outfits. However we are in the 1998 episodes and Donna Martin was into the “short short” dresses at that point. :)

  • Teena

    When I watched 90210 I didn’t relate to a lot of the styles. I live in an area that does not get too excited about fashion. But I do remember folding over the legs of our pants and then rolling them up. And high tops!

  • desi

    Tori, you always look so beautiful! Really nice with dark hair too. I love the sunflower dress!

  • Suzie

    Love this throw back!! You have always been a style icon Tori!!!

  • Margherita Da Passano

    I actually don’t like most of the 90210 1st season outfits, but I have to say that Donna Martin had style! btw, I love the sunflowers dress and these outfits :

  • Jessica Jolley

    I always loved your outfits and hairstyle choices. I think you are a wonderful person :)

  • Lemon Meringue

    Back in those days I was more into the grunge scene so you would not have caught me in outfits like these: for me it was plaid bluoses, ripped jeans or large floral skirts, paired with some large Doc Martens … trying to be as feminine as possible in a gritty, male- and rock dominated group of big blokes was quite hard, I can tell you that! Would have loved to wear the sequinned one though, preferably in green

  • Myeleah

    Always fun to take a peek back! Usually fashion is cyclical with some minor tweaks. Kinda miss the higher waisted pants. I think they’re more flattering for most figure types. I could, however, live without shoulder pads forever! Lolol

  • K_Mack

    Well, I have to say, I wasn’t too excited about 90′s fashion the first time around but then, I’m a lot older). What I really don’t like seeing in the stores is all the neon.

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  • lacey

    I loved 90′s fashion and I used to watch 90210 EVERY Wednesday night. The only down side was people always used to tell me I looked like Shannen Doherty which was my least favorite character.