If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with nail art. And summer is one of my favorite times of the year to get fun with my mani. It’s a great time to turn those fingernails into your canvas and sport some super creative nail art. I love expressing myself via my nails with bright colors and fun patterns.  Even the kiddos are into nail art these days… Stella recently had flower nail art on display and Liam dabbled in the fun too with some super cool zombie nails.

Last summer I posted a tutorial of water marble nail art that I absolutely loved. Here are a couple of examples of nail art I’ve been rocking this time around…


Nautical chic


These nails have everything: bows, flowers, and gems! #thinkpink #desserttableinspirednails


My ‘This is 40’ nail art for my recent birthday

Thanks to Pinterest, I’m feeling more inspired to go all out with my nails than ever. There are so many stylistas coming up with their own nail art that can be seen all over the Internet. Check out a few of my favorite creative nail designs in the slideshow below.

Have you ever dressed up your manicure with nail art before?

Tell me your favorite designs in the comments below.



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