My do-it-yourself hubby Dean just wrote a blog post over on The Gourmet Dad that I thought all you ediTORIal readers might want to check out! Our babes love homemade lemonade and Dean had the idea of setting up a lemonade stand so everyone could enjoy. He shows you how to build your very own stand for the kids to set up shop at.

I’ll let Dean take it from here…

Now that you and your mini master chefs make the best lemonade in town, why not share it with the world? Here are tips on how to build and run the neighborhood’s best lemonade stand. So sit back, relax, and take a break from shelling out the allowance money. This week, the kids are bringing home the bacon!

Your stand can be as simple—no woodworking skills necessary!— or extreme as you like. For a quick version, just grab a folding table or a couple of wooden crates or stable boxes. You can cover them up with a fabric or plastic tablecloth, or grab a couple of pieces of poster board and have the kids go nuts with markers and paint to create a cool design. Fix the art to the table or crates and presto! You’re in business!

For a more permanent lemonade location, break out the hammer and nails—and an adult who can safely operate a saw!


Would love to relax here and sip on one of my favorite unique lemonade drinks with the kiddos! 

See Dean’s full instructions for building the lemonade stand over on The Gourmet Dad.

Have your kiddos ever run their very own lemonade stand? 

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