Dean’s Tips for the Perfect Lemonade Stand

My do-it-yourself hubby Dean just wrote a blog post over on The Gourmet Dad that I thought all you ediTORIal readers might want to check out! Our babes love homemade lemonade and Dean had the idea of setting up a lemonade stand so everyone could enjoy. He shows you how to build your very own stand for the kids to set up shop at.

I’ll let Dean take it from here…

Now that you and your mini master chefs make the best lemonade in town, why not share it with the world? Here are tips on how to build and run the neighborhood’s best lemonade stand. So sit back, relax, and take a break from shelling out the allowance money. This week, the kids are bringing home the bacon!

Your stand can be as simple—no woodworking skills necessary!— or extreme as you like. For a quick version, just grab a folding table or a couple of wooden crates or stable boxes. You can cover them up with a fabric or plastic tablecloth, or grab a couple of pieces of poster board and have the kids go nuts with markers and paint to create a cool design. Fix the art to the table or crates and presto! You’re in business!

For a more permanent lemonade location, break out the hammer and nails—and an adult who can safely operate a saw!


Would love to relax here and sip on one of my favorite unique lemonade drinks with the kiddos! 

See Dean’s full instructions for building the lemonade stand over on The Gourmet Dad.

Have your kiddos ever run their very own lemonade stand? 

Share your stories in the comments.


  • Emily Beebe

    we did it and made a whole dollar!! My kids had a lot of fun, though. We cheated and sold Capri Suns ;)

  • Amber Reed

    Was this the stand Stella used at your yard Sale this week?? Super cute!! Soo sad I missed it!

  • Susan I

    My two girls love having lemonade stands, and usually more kiddos from the block get in on the action. We use a mixture of Santa Cruz organic lemonade and powdered mix. We typically sell it for 25 cents and one day last summer they raked in $30. We bought some Sesame Street food stencils and plan on decorating sugar cookies with them to add to the fun.

  • LoLoVie

    It’s our specialty :) Last year we did it twice and this year we are waiting to get back home from our vacation.

  • LoLoVie

    We LO(Lo)ve lemonade stands! It’s our specialty :)
    We have not done one this year yet, but the two last year were a huge success. We invited friends also and had “guest lemonade-tenders” .. This year we will do Pinkalicious Lemonade stand with pink lemonade and pink lemon cupcakes because we bought the book and the kids adore it.

  • Jodie Henderson`

    I was wondering if this pic was taken at your reno place you are doing now? I so wanted to see your ‘garage’ sale and lemonade stand !! Hope you are enjoying our lovely area !!

  • Brenda Morgan

    Wish we could have actually came and got some delicious lemonade
    The road was closed when we came :(

  • WinkNCats

    WOW cool lemonade stand

  • Lemon Meringue

    Last week my youngest son who will turn 6 in September, told me he wanted to sell lemonade. It is not a common thing to do for kids over here, so I asked him how he wanted it to do it: “I want a stand’ he said. And what do you know? T&D to the rescue with some handy how-to’s! We will give it a try next week, see how my minipreneur will make his first minimillions!

  • Mich

    My son has run a lemonade stand for the last 4 years, twice a year at my business in San Diego at the South Park Walkabout! He has raised money for various Animal Charities as I have a cruelty free Skin Care Salon and Anti Aging Skin Care Product Line of my own! He enjoys the “giving back” and donating for his animal friends! This year we donated to Lions, Tigers, and Bears in Alpine CA. To start him off initially, I bribed him that he could pick out a toy for $20 that I would buy for donating the money to the animals. It worked and he always feels good about donating!!and so do I!!!

  • Renate Uhl

    what an awesome idea Dean. Good luck with the lemonade sales :-)

  • Ann

    While I think Dean’s stand is gorgeous, I love the fact that when my kids get inspired to do a lemonade stand, they do it completely independently. They drag a card table and some chairs out to the street. They find a white board to write a sign. They dig through our spare change jar so they have some coins to make change. They grab powdered lemonade and make the lemonade. I just think it gives them a lot of satisfaction to do it all themselves. Last time they did one, they made $28.

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    How Sweet! LoVe this idea, my little honey bunny is only 10 months old, but good luck Dean and babes…and all the little ones ready for their own lemonade stand ;)Such great inspiration Tori AND DEAN!!! (of course)

    Lory Ann

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