picTORIal: This is 40 (Part 3)

I hope you’ve been enjoying all my 40th birthday photos this week on the site. (Or should I say 40th birthweek?) If you thought that Part 1 and Part 2 were great, then get ready for today’s picTORIal. So far you’ve seen Finn Man’s first flight and our fun at the beach, but the birthday festivities didn’t stop there… Here’s what happened next:

My This Is 40 nail art!


My b-day dinner in Punta Mita paradise. Here’s Hattie indulging in the amuse-bouche, an English pea soup shot…


Uncle Mehran and Finn…


Me and Hattie Cat…


At my b-day dinner. Foodie meets Fisher Price…


The beautiful sunset on my birthday…


The next day we headed into town to shop!


Adorable handmade toys…


Some of my finds…


Just chillin with Pedro…


Finn kickin’ it!


Kids’ mock-tail. So beautiful!


Liam enjoying the perks of the resort…


Next up, my handsome hubby Dean arrives from Canada where he was filming. I’ll be sharing those pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Which one of these pictures was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments.



  • Samantha Herrington

    I love how you like to share your family memories with your fans i love seeing your photos, keep them coming x

  • Jean Gilman

    Foodie meets Fisher Price for sure! BTW, <3 the nails!

  • misshigh Socks

    It’s hard to pick one Favorite, because I looove them all :) But I really find the one where you’re laying in the Grass super nice, and then of course all the ones with your Kids :)

  • Faith | Ordinary Mommy Design

    I have two faves- you lying in the grass (lovely!), and foodie meets Fisher Price (that’s real life right there!).

  • Myeleah

    Fav pic is the one of you & Hattie. Could her eyes be more blue or beautiful?! She is her mama’s mini-me for sure!

    Second fav pic is of Liam getting a massage, that looks super relaxing! Can I be next in line?!

  • Tracey Charles

    OMG, Little Miss Hattie’s pics. She is adorable!!! The picture of Finn is cute too – he looks so relaxed with his Uncle Mehran!

  • Marisol Valdez

    Tori, I love the “Finn kickin it” pic with his hat on, so adorable!! Loving all the pics, yes, your life is amazing!

  • Steffygene

    I love the one of you & pedro, you seem so relaxed & chill & peaceful, & I am sure your life being as busy as it is, you rarely get a moment to just relax… it captures you in a perfect moment….

  • Jackie C

    The one of Mehi and Finn melts my heart. :)

  • nancy vanlaningham

    Love them all your children are beautiful Tori if I have to pick one the one of you and Miss Hattie what a doll your both beautiful!!

  • desi

    They are all great! My favorite is Hattie drinking her pea shot, but I also love Tori feeding Pedro! Glad you had a great celebration and what a beautiful place! Wow!!!

  • stacy wilson

    40 mani! and pea shots rock! dig the smart phone ;) and awesome next to your lizard buddy brave mama!

  • Sarah Lamb

    Mehran and Finn…So Sweet!

  • Kimberly

    Finn looks adorable in that hat!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Definitely Hattie guzzling her pea-shot, she seems such a good laugh!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    I am really enjoying your picTORIal, thank you for taking us on this trip with you

  • Lily M

    All the pictures are very beautiful – from Part I, II, III – but my favourite is “Uncle Mehran and Finn…”

  • vanillatwin

    Looks like you all had a blast. Brings back memories of our time in Cozumel, such a beautiful place.

  • Jen

    Hi Tori
    Looks like your birthday was amazing. My favorite picture is Uncle Mehran with Finn. In that picture Finn looks so much like his big brother Liam. Beautiful family.

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    Loved them all. But like the picture of you chillin with Pedro. When is the next fun summer trip?

  • Emily Beebe

    Uhhh…Liam getting a massage, of course! You’re looking great on your b-day ;)

  • Cammy Gollner

    So cute. I think Hattie and Liam share more of a resemblance (more like the Spelling family – big blue eyes), and Liam and Stella look more alike (more like Dean). In any case, they’re all GORGEOUS!!! :-)

  • lucy

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  • flag young

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  • Monica Prime

    I love the one of Finn & Mehran. Also the one of you with the iguana.

  • Susan Grayson

    Again, I cannot decide which picture is my favorite. All of them are my favorite….

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