picTORIal: This is 40 (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my 40th birthday picTORIal. After a smooth first plane ride with Finn aka Bear aka Man Man and a yummy birthday breakfast, my 40th b-day celebration was off to a great start. The festivities continues beach and poolside with my four babes by my side. Here’s how we spent the big day:

We collected some coral off shore and then it was time to relax beachside…WWwgzf5nzq7PGKWIKxftb7e7.jpeg:Amazon:photo
Finn, give me a hand!


Let’s hit the beach!


Liam and Stella gave me a very special foot massage for my birthday…


Right when I took this pic Liam said, ” This is the life…” Yes it is!


Getting my b-day workout in…


My airbrushed sunset ombré toes…


When we returned from the pool this was waiting for me. B-day cupcakes from my hubby!


Coming up next, see what happened once Dean arrived from Canada where he was away filming, and there might be some shopping excursions in town. I’ll be sharing more pictures tomorrow!

Which one of these pictures was your favorite?


  • MamaCarterof9

    You look great! You can see so much of his daddy in Liam in that pic, in his little grin.

  • LisaM

    Looks like an awesome 40th Birthday so far!

  • T

    LOVE the airbrush pedicure! ☺ (And the looks of Liam’s cheeseburger..) ��

  • Myeleah

    Love your pedicure! SO pretty & feminine. I love most things ombre though! This looks like such a relaxing get-a-way. Kudos to you for being brave & flying with 4 kidlets! WOW! lol Finn looks pretty chill on the flight…

  • desi

    My favorite picture is Liam and Stella giving you a foot massage and that beautiful blue sky! Glad you had a great 40th!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Nothing beats Cup Cake Love, literally very sweet of Dean, too bad he wasn’t there from the beginning! Always love to see family pics of your brood, although the first picture is tempting too! Looks like loads of fun!

  • Jay Rhey Moses

    You definitely deserve this amazing birthday :D Btw, You do not look 40! You look amazing♥ My Favorite Pictures are, The Kids playing In the sand , Liam’s “This Is the Life” The foot rub &+ Fin’s ” Give Me a Hand ” &+ You in the Pool with Liam & Stella♥ You have Beautiful Children♥ You are AMAZING All Around!! I REALLY MISS YOU GUYS ON TV!! I LOVED ” TORI & DEAN HOMESWEET HOLLYWOOD ♥ ” TORI You are My Favorite♥..

  • MrsBrennan820

    Love the one in the pool! And your side table of Martha, fruit and a margarita looks like heaven!

  • misshigh Socks

    I loved Part1&2 :) The Pictures are so beautiful and so are you and your Family! You truly are such an amazing Mommy!
    Happy Wednesday to you all!!

  • Jenny

    You definitely are inspiring and I think its so cool you let us in on your personal life , it inspires me to take care of not only just my family but of myself as well and to have hope that you can have it all ( not material things) but happiness and health!

  • joanne stubbs

    That Dean…I just loved those cupcakes.

  • Jordan Yaworski

    You look amazing, Tori!! And what a great surprise from Dean. Can’t wait to see Part 3.

  • stacy wilson

    Loving Liam’s expression and phrase, and you’r Ombre toes! But honestly my fave is always going to be the kiddos in the sand :) they all look like they play extremely well together, happy belated 40th T!

  • Ann

    I want sunset toes!! So perfect for a beach vacay!

  • JaneMomof6

    Liam’s. :)

  • Jackie C

    Wow, I love your toes!! And that pic of Liam is priceless, a comfy chair on the beach is the life. :)

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    Love that Liam felt that way on the beach with burger and fries……..How we all know that feeling …….The best

  • Kimberly

    Those cupcakes look delicious! The picture of Liam is too cute!

  • lucy

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  • Susie

    Looks like an amazing time!! I love cupcakes and those looked amazing! Enjoy!

  • Susan Grayson

    I cannot decided which one are my favorite. So I would say All of them are my favorite pictures..