picTORIal: This is 40 (Part 1)

You only turn 40 once. So for my 40th birthday last month I figured I better go big or go home. And what better way to celebrate than spending a few days in paradise with my favorite people? So in honor of the big 4-0 I headed to the St. Regis, Punta Mita for a week with the whole fam and my gusband, Mehran. It was under a three-hour flight from L.A., which makes it the perfect getaway with four young babes.

I think it’s safe to say that this was my most memorable birthday to date. We all had the time of our lives swimming, eating delicious food, laying out, and dancing the night away. So throughout this week I will be sharing pictures (and a very special family dance video!) from my big birthday celebration. Check out Part 1 below! Here’s to you, Mexico…

A Bloody Mary in flight to kick off my b-day celebration week and to ease my flying fears…


Finn’s first flight (out of belly). Mexico here we come!


We arrived at St. Regis, Punta Mita. Since my husband was filming his new show Chopped Canada and couldn’t meet us in Mexico for a couple days, my gusband Mehran came to celebrate!


A toast to Punta Mita!


Time to kick back! Tomorrow is my b-day…


The kids caught me bright and early. First pic as a 40 year old! It’s my birthday…


My gusband ordered me my fave breakfast for my b-day, eggs Benedict…


Our family b-day breakfast on the patio of our suite. Amazing!


Here’s to Four (babes) at Forty!


My b-day cards from my three oldest babes…


Next it was time to hit the beach. Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!

Did you celebrate a big birthday recently?

Tell me about it below.



  • Ashley Taylor

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great celebration! :) Enjoy every moment!

  • Yvette Patten

    I also celebrated my 40th birthday this year (February 2nd) — my husband and I celebrated by renewing our wedding vows to each other along with several hundred other couples — we won a contest through our local radio station called “Valentine Vows”. It happened to be on my birthday – I could not think of a better way to celebrate turning 40! :) <3

  • MamaCarterof9

    How fun! Mexico looks beautiful. Happy birthday (love the manicure!)

  • Nicole Marco

    My 40th was last year. We also celebrated on the beach-Captiva Island on the West Side of FL. My fav breakfast is eggs benedict too. I have 3 little ones-one more and we could be sisters:) Happy Birthday-I think you are the greatest-mom, actress, etc…

  • Lulu

    I also turned 40 last month on the 14th. My husband took me away for the weekend. Even though we live in LA. We stood at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. We had an amazing time together since we have three little ones it was nice to be pampered and spoiled for a few days. Enjoy 40 and can’t wait to see more pics of your amazing time in Mexico.

  • Sandra Millar

    I turned 40 only 5 days before you Tori. I celebrated the whole month!

  • JennySue Makeup

    My hubby is celebrating his 37th today and we are actually about to take our first trip out your way towards the west coast with ALL 3 of our kids in a couple weeks as part of his bday gift!! I’m terrified of the plane ride but it sounds like it’s possible with kiddos. Congrats on your 40th, sounds like a fab way to celebrate!

    Hugs, Jennifer

  • Jen B

    Thanks for sharing! Looks wonderful! :)

  • Jaime Knox

    I just celebrated 35 this month. Usually I love to celebrate my birthday as I look at it as my half-New-Years, meaning its a time to reflect on where I’m at halfway through the year and its a fresh start to the next year of my life. But this year I had a three week old baby and had just moved the prior weekend, so it was a pretty low-key birthday. Luckily my dad was in town to meet the baby so I was able to sneak away to get my nails done at least while he babysat. I wouldn’t have had it any other way though because having Poppy and being able to celebrate with her made it the best birthday ever.

  • Erin B.

    I just celebrated 35 a few weeks ago. My mom came into town and while my husband watched our daughter, mom and i went clothes shopping – back to school style! we went crazy and had the best time! i needed some new clothes and this was such a fun way to outfit a new wardrobe! Good times!

  • Lynn Hutcherson

    Hi Tori!
    Thanks for sharing your birthday celebration with us. I love following you and your fam! I recently turned 61! Whoa! I love keeping up with you all the way from the 90210 days:) I recently celebrated 61 (I am officially now in my 60′s) by celebrating it for an entire month. New Birkis, two new Cavalier King Charles puppies, trip to Oregon Coast, new reading chair, a Vitamix machine (my fave), weight loss from weight I have been carrying around for 20 years and making my home non-toxic. I am loving life in my 60′s. It definitely is the new 40….LOL!

  • Ilene Spector

    40….the best is yet to come! You are all about family and what a lucky family!

  • Kimberly

    I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures..looks like you had a fun Birthday! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Birthday celebration. The cards that your kids made you are too cute!

  • desi

    What a beautiful place to have your birthday celebration! Thanks for sharing your pictures! You are looking great, Mama! Glad your babes got to go with you….

  • Mommy2fourkiddos

    I hope to look half as good as you do at 40 :)Thank you for sharing, you deserve to be shown a good time!

  • Sharon Coffini

    I just celebrated my 40th too…and being a desert dweller (Phoenix AZ) I wanted to be at the beach too! We went to Atlantis in the Bahamas…it was absolutely Divine. We left our daughter (6 yrs old) at home though…which was nice but I also missed her like crazy…so we are planning to go back in 2015 and take her. What a FUN place for kids Atlantis is…but also great for adults (gorgeous beaches, excellent restaurants, great spas). Can’t wait to go back!! Looks like your 40th was FAB…Happy Birthday Tori! 40 looks great on you!! Can’t wait to see more pics…

  • AnnMarie Parenteau

    Happy 40th Tori!! Looks like a wonderful celebration n so relaxing. I just celebrated my 44th bday two months ago and my fianc

  • Valerie Boult

    Hi Tori, congrats on the big 40! Love this site! You rock!

  • Tracey Charles

    My 40th was last May 2012. I had a party using your “celebraTORI” book to help me decorate! Turned out great! Thanks for sharing your Mexico bday pics!

  • MaMann

    Girl I turned the Fabulous 40 this year also.. Welcome to Club 40 where we are just getting better with age like fine wine!!

  • Lily M

    I celebrated my birthday a few weeks before yours, we had lots of fun, pictures, although the next morning I had to go to work. However, the most memorable birthday was years ago, when my fianc

  • momof2boys

    I don’t celebrate 40 till next year, but this Friday my family and close friends are celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday and my oldest son’s 11th birthday in Orlando – we have our family and friends from other areas flying in to celebrate. Not as fancy as Mexico but we’re super excited and my dad has no idea we’re doing this!

  • mercmaguire

    Looks like you combined family with a fab birthday celebration, which is what I plan to do when I turn the big 4-0 in August. We’re from Sydney, so we’re heading to Anaheim Disneyland (to celebrate my little one’s fourth birthday) and on my big day on August 14, I plan a visit to invenTORI to pick pout my own birthday present!

  • Heather Harris

    Looks like a fun time! My big 4-0 is in September!! You can keep the Bloody Mary’s … NOT my fave! :D Give me my fave, Colorado Bulldog, and I’ll be a happy camper! Happy Belated 40th!

  • Karen Nuban

    OMG I LOOOOOVE that resort! It’s stunning and so private. It feels like you’re the only ones there. Perfect place to celebrate with your family!

  • Momof3

    Happy bday! Mehie is super cute.

  • Karen W

    Yes, my 40th too just this month! Happy 40th!!!!

  • Susie

    My kids used to love love love boxes to play with!

  • jen pet

    i turned 40 in september and i have to be honest it was a little traumatic.obviously its better than not turning 40.we went to see wicked on broadway and it was fantastic.i will be 41 in a few months.40 is hard,41 no sweat.happy birthday tori!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Wow, I love all the Fab Forty comments on this post! I thougt I was the only silly one having ‘some’ issues wth this milestone, but reading all the other comments, I suddenly feel a lot better! And I keep the words you wrote last year close to my heart: be proud of the woman you have become and try to own all these fabulous years you have had (and let’s face it, enough to look forward to), cherish the good days and count your blessings (and children , ha!).
    I survived THE day on the 25th of April and we were planning a big do in June, because April and Holland isn’t a very good combination for an outdoorsy stylish caftan-worthy event. Alas, due to some sad family circumstances we decided to postpone the whole circus to August. The bright side of this decision: I have something to look forward to, especially now that I know it doesn’t hurt to turn 40 and … a party to plan! Any “Forty & Fabulous”-themed ideas anyone?
    Or shall we plan a huge Forty & Still Hot-party with all the cyberTORI-familymembers turning forty in 2013 ;)

  • Myeleah

    Great pix! Tori, it only gets better & better after 40!

  • Stormystromz

    It has been said that the true essence of beauty is a woman being unapologetically herself and comfortable in her own skin. I too turned 40 this year and as hard as it has been to wrap my mind around that number I have never been closer to feeling that way about myself as I do now at 40! I could not have said that at 20.

  • Inge wimpel

    I love all the pictures and you are gorgeous and i love your breakfast choice with the green asperagus delicious taste
    i love them with some sesame Seeds and Parmezan cheese and balsamic vinegar but then it wont be breakfast anymore ;)

    Many greeeeettttiiinnngggggssss <3

  • Brandy Berman

    What fun, I hit the big 40 next month, and hope mine is as relaxing as yours!!!

  • Maritza Tacoronte

    Thank you for sharing!!! My twin sister and I turn 40 in a month. We plan on going to Cocoa Beach for the weekend. Lets see if we can make it a relaxing 40…. xo

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    St John VI is my favorite place for my beach birthday party. Coming up soon July 7……This year we plan on going to Key West never have been and looking forward to saying ……….Hello 53 enjoy each day and make if fun..All goes way to fast……..Love Cabo…..good pick………Happy birthday year to you……

  • lucy

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  • Candice

    Wow Finn looks so much like you in this picture!!!!

  • Darren Martin

    That’s awesome!! Looks like you were having a blast and a half. You deserve it!

  • Susan Grayson

    Tori, I’m so glad that you have an awesome birthday with your lovely family and Mehran……

  • Heather Hogan

    I’ve never realized until now, how alike you and I are (except I’m not rich and famous!) Like you, I married in my mid twenties and and after a large, beautiful wedding, I realized that he wasn’t right for me. A year after the marriage, we separated and very quickly I met my true love. That was 13 years ago. I’ve always had a strained relationship with my mother, but it’s gotten better over the last year. I love my children more than anything, I love scrapbooking and crafting, cooking, bloody mary’s calm me on a plane, eggs benedict is my favorite breakfast and after having 2 girls ages 10 and 6, my husband and I decided to have our third child, another girl in December. And we may even have another before I turn 40 in 2 years. I love antiques, decorating, and vintage dresses and jewelry. I always wanted to open a store like InvenTori and I just quit my job to make that dream come true. So without even realizing it, you’ve been an inspiration, so thank you!