invenTORI: A Tour of my Store


My crafty vintage boutique InvenTORI is one of my very favorite projects. It’s a place where all things I love mingle together, from treasured antiques to fabulously designed pieces that will make any house into a home. So when one of my favorite new décor sites Domaine Home asked me about InvenTori, I was excited to give a little tour of our Los Angeles shop, along with some background on how it all began…

We talked about my unstoppable obsession with antiquing and my hubby’s perfect solution—why not open a shop?!—that way I could still collect, and more importantly, share my modage collection with others without stockpiling every must-have in our own home (just a few lucky finds). Win-win.

Since then we have worked to make the shop what it is now: a reflection of my favorite designs, the antique and vintage that inspired them, and what (for me) makes a dream home. Hint: it involves a rustic tea set. Here are a few pictures:


What is your favorite piece in the pictures?

Hop on over to Domaine’s website for even more photos!



  • Ashley Taylor

    Love it! That chair looks like it would be perfect for reading! :)

  • Lara Medina

    It’s all so beautiful!! I have to say, I’m loving that dress you’re wearing! The plum glass is pretty gorgeous too!

  • Jessica @ The Paper Plume

    LOVE those cute little foxes!

  • Cute Beltz

    Looks beautiful, congrats! Love the clock behind you, very cool piece. Reminds me of the one my Aunt had when I was growing up.

  • Myeleah

    3-way tie! The mantle behind you in the top photo, the clock over your shoulder & last but not least, the floral overstuffed chair! Gorgeous pieces!

  • Tami Hass

    I love it all! However if you were there, I’d pick the tea area, in hopes we could sit & chat over a spot of tea! My favorite would have to be the fluffy over stuffed floral chair, where I could imagine in my own family room. A perfect spot in sit and knit or to nurse the babe! So sweet!

  • Tami Hass

    Btw… What are the hours to the shop? I am in the central part of CA but would love to come down to see and shop your sweet shop!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    I have been to the store and I bought those purple glasses pictured above, I love them. I love your store and I like the prices as well. I need to come back and buy the pink cake holder

  • lee

    I love the little foxes. My maiden name is fox and have always collected them. Now that I have a little girl of my own I love buying her fox things.

  • Sweetmnm

    My husband took me on my dream trip this past October to Hollywood for our 10th wedding anniversary. The 1st stop was your store! it was so quaint and charming, everything I had imagined! I bought the most wonderful set of coffee mugs and everyday when I use them I think about my trip and your store!
    Thank you!!!
    Laura – Guelph, Ontario Canada

  • jami

    I love your store. My sisters and I love thrift, antiques, junk stores etc. Any where we go and see one we are like U-TURN STOP!!!!! lol Our middle sister is awesome at restoring furniture.In your pictures I love the turtle and spoon, purple glass.

  • Kim Hawkins

    I love that cream clock!! And the lil’ tabletop turtle, too!

  • Sue Wile

    What are the spoons at the bottom of the page, that appear to have little thimbles in them. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  • Sue Wile

    Must tell you T, even if you personally don’t read this, I’ll ‘feel’ like I told you, I love to follow you through you life, it really is quite amazing and interesting and your kids are beautiful. Best wishes from Canada. Stay the way you are.

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    In the pictures, the vintage plates are my fave. But I LOVE my mercury glass box & white bird tea light holder, that my sweetie bought me for Valentine’s Day from InvenTORI. I have them in my “craft” room & I swear they’ve brought good luck to my Etsy shop <3

  • Renate Uhl

    looks great-awesome Tori :-))

  • Clancy

    Tori…that has to be the most stunning picture you’ve ever taken! Beautiful ! My favorite item in the pics is the white clock. I have a passion for clocks so it captured my attention right away. Best of luck with your new store. I don’t know where you find the time to do all the wonderful things you do! You are one amazing gal!

  • Inge wimpel

    i love the spoons have not seen those before 😀

  • Stefanie Phillips

    Where do I start?!?!

  • Kimberly

    I love the look of everything! Such a nice place!

  • desi

    You look so beautiful! But my favorite thing is the turtle with the little spoon…

  • Tracey Charles

    Great picture of you in your shop; beautiful dress! My favorite piece is the purple Parisian drinking glass :)

  • mercmaguire

    I love a mis-matched cup and saucer set, beautiful!

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    Loved the tour of your store. I sure hope to get out to LAX to visit your shop. I’m from Fredericksburg Texas and we had lot’s of varies with the years in our little town. I’ve lived in Austin now for 21 years. I would love to have a shop here like yours…….Would you like to have a Austin Connection and a foodie truck here for Dean? Would love it.

  • lucy

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  • Vas

    Where can I get that dress…you look stunning! Btw, you are such a great example…a fab mom and wife, all the best to you Tori x.

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