My crafty vintage boutique InvenTORI is one of my very favorite projects. It’s a place where all things I love mingle together, from treasured antiques to fabulously designed pieces that will make any house into a home. So when one of my favorite new décor sites Domaine Home asked me about InvenTori, I was excited to give a little tour of our Los Angeles shop, along with some background on how it all began…

We talked about my unstoppable obsession with antiquing and my hubby’s perfect solution—why not open a shop?!—that way I could still collect, and more importantly, share my modage collection with others without stockpiling every must-have in our own home (just a few lucky finds). Win-win.

Since then we have worked to make the shop what it is now: a reflection of my favorite designs, the antique and vintage that inspired them, and what (for me) makes a dream home. Hint: it involves a rustic tea set. Here are a few pictures:


What is your favorite piece in the pictures?

Hop on over to Domaine’s website for even more photos!



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