Five years ago this Sunday my beautiful Ladybug was brought into the world. The moment Stella Doreen McDermott arrived it was love at first sight. I always dreamed of being a mommy to a little girl who would share my loves of crafting, fashion, and food. Stella is truly a girl after my own heart. Her first three words in this order were Mama, shoes, and cheese. She is my little stylista, my budding foodie, and my mini crafting maven. She has so much fire in her and I love at five how much sass she has. Her confidence and personality is infectious!  But even more importantly, she is such a kind soul with the biggest heart. Plus, she is such an amazing sister to Liam, Finn, and Hattie.  We call her the little mommy in our house. She takes care of everyone. I am filled with so much pride at the person my little lady is growing up to be. Just promise me Bugs that you will never be too big to hold my hand! Happy birthday to my best girlfriend… I love you Buggy! Xoxo

To celebrate, here are a few of my favorite pictures of Miss Stella…


In a tutu and cowboy boots getup of her own choosing…


On her 4th birthday, last year…


Robery Palmer girl, watch out!


Buggy gets her first pair of toddler heels…


My little ladybug all grown up!


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