5 Under $50: Stylish Sunglasses

I go through sunglasses like crazy with two girls who are always trying on my sunglasses (and inevitably breaking them), so I just buy cheap sunglasses at this point. (Even my Finn Man likes to get in on the sunglass action these days!) I also like variety when it comes to accessories, so it makes more sense for me to have five $20 pairs of sunnies in my collection than a single $100 pair. Another great thing about $5 shades is that you can try out a more daring or fashion forward look. Wear them when you’re feeling bold and then pass them on to your kiddos.

So today I’m focusing on sunglasses for my very first 5 Under $50 roundup. From a vintage-inspired oversized frame to a fun floral print, here are five chic pairs of sunnies that won’t break the bank…


1. H&M Sunglasses ($10)
2. Urban Outfitters Sweetheart Sunglasses ($16)
3. Forever 21 Rose Wayfarer Sunglasses ($6)
4. Urban Outfitters Skylar Sunglasses ($16)
5. Topshop Metal Sqaure Sunglasses ($32)

Between sunglasses, sandals, swimwear, and of course caftans, summer is pretty great season for the stylista! Stay tuned for more of my summer 5 Under $50 picks.

Which pair of shades is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments.


  • Ashley Taylor
  • Ann

    I lose sunglasses daily it seems, so buying $100 sunglasses would be just like tossing money in the trash for me! :) I’m all about the cheapos. Love that first pair!

  • Emily Beebe

    I’ve been buying them from dollar’d be surprised at the selection! I lose them or my kids break them so no harm done 😉

  • stephanie Marie

    your stuff is great I’m new at this but I watch your show and you are a beautifuln great mom I wish I could meet you in person keep up your awesomeness lol Stephanie mariee

  • desi

    Thanks for these great picks, Tori! I always wear my sunglasses in summer or winter. I love all of these, but my favorite is #3! Beautiful!

  • Susan Grayson

    My favorite is #2. Urban Outfitters Sweetheart Sunglasses. I always want to have one. Now, I just ordered it in Pink. I cannot wait to get them. Thank you T for putting in your an excellent blog…. Love you…

  • Jan Boyle

    Have to say #3 is my favorite. I have always been a fan of anything floral. Number 4 is a close second!

  • Fi

    Numbers 1 and 5! It’s really refreshing to see someone with your income being sensible and realistic! Nothing worse than celebrities only endorsing things that the majority of us couldn’t afford!! xxx p.s: I STILL have your dance party song stuck in my head. Aaarrggh!

  • CaroleLynn

    All of the sunnies are cute. #4 is my favorite!

  • Patty

    I love sunnies in different colors and styles. I probably have 10 pair at any given time. I am a Forever 21 fan for style and price. Never stop looking for cute and inexpensive. I always have frames in blue, black, white, tortoise, and red. My favorites are 3 and 5.

  • Sarah Hart

    Love the 5s for sure, in love with green!

  • lizzy4ever1

    cute! but i would buy #2

  • Lemon Meringue

    #5, have a soft spot for everything green, might have something to do with my green eyes?

  • Kristen

    #1 and #5 They are both so cute!!!

  • gynyjo

    I have a same problem with my kids…….. so i understand…….My favorites are 3 and 5.

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