What’s in My Bag? Part 2


I hope you enjoyed the little peek inside my purse that I gave you a couple weeks ago. Well today I’m back with Part 2. I know what you’re thinking…. Tori, you already pulled a spool of twine and a 28-year-old lucky fish clip out of your bag in Part 1 of this video. Nothing could surprise us now. What else could you possibly have hiding in there?! Well just you wait…

I joke that my bag is the clown car of purses (only much chicer, of course). You’d never believe how many things I can fit in there until I start pulling them out! I think that most busy mamas’ purses are like that though, right?

Now that you’ve seen both parts of my “What’s In My Bag?” video, here’s a closer look at the contents of my purse (Yep, all 29 items!):


  1. My iPhone
  2. Advil
  3. Jackie Oh! organic face powder and brush
  4. Twine
  5. My lucky fish clip from when I was 12
  6. A bracelet Stella made
  7. My glasses
  8. Neutral lip pencil
  9. Moisturizer for my lips
  10. Spare pair of contacts
  11. Cocktail ring
  12. Inepensive sunglasses
  13. My Goyard wallet
  14. A pouch full of wet wipes
  15. Stickers
  16. Organic yogurt drops
  17. Stella’s socks
  18. A marker
  19. Hand sanitizer
  20. My favorite headband
  21. A polaroid of Liam
  22. Pacifiers for Hattie and Finn
  23. My Cryoderm roll-on “pain stick”
  24. Stella McCartney perfume
  25. Stella’s doll
  26. Lip balm
  27. My favorite concealer from Cle de peau
  28. Hattie’s sunglasses
  29. A vintage necklace

What kind of stuff do you have floating around in your bag?


P.S. If you liked this post, here’s a look inside my closet.


  • rihanna faran

    I have Advil , perfume, BB cream , small mirror, T-shirt, sunglasses, pen, care-free , band aid , wallet , deodorant, body spray , hand sanitizer, lotion, hair brush , lipstick, hair band & finally phone charger , but if i’m going out i will be having extra stuff like my phone, my camera and my tablet

  • Dee Shaw

    I would LOVE a close up of your favorite headband….Do you know who makes it and where you got it. I know this may seem silly but it looks just like my fav most comfortable (didn’t give me headaches) headband that my little niece broke :( I still miss it, seriously. As a headache sufferrer you may understand. Thank you for any help you can offer, and LOVE you guys!!!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Stella’s doll made me laugh…such a mom purse item! ;) You would shocked and probably grossed out at some of the stuff we found in our purses! ;)

  • Jewel.lm61

    Everything looked clean not smudged. I didn’t see emery board or nail clippers which I always hang on to. When I worked 2 jobs, someone was always asking if I had an emery board. I bought them by the package and kept a few in my purse. When someone asked to borrow one, I simply broke a piece off and let them keep it. I enjoyed the tour through your purse. Thanks!

  • Kimberly

    I loved getting to look thru your bag again! Thanks for daughter has that exact same little doll! I showed it to her and she got so excited when she saw it was just like hers. I tend to carry a lot in my bag, everything from make-up to lotion and of course my goes everywhere with me.

  • MandaPanda

    I basically live in my purse! It is literally a mess in there. I have my phone and kindle, my keys, a pair of socks for me, candy, my medicine, my hair brush, mascara, lip gloss, wallet, an iPhone case, my inhaler, notepad and pen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, digital camera, lotion, tattoos and a lot more!

  • Lily M

    At the university, our professor used to tell us about having seen a woman dropping everything out of her purse; and he was impressed by the numerous things she used to carry in her bag. It was funny for him to see that scene, funny for us, the girls, (because each of us used to have big bags, and our faces were “screaming” for “I can’t renounce to these things”). I suppose that women are women everywhere and every time, and we need our stuff in order to feel comfortable. I enjoyed watching you “introducing” us the contents of your purse. I have to recognize that at the beginning I had the impression you had so many things. When I saw them piece by piece, I have changed my mind. And when I made up my list of contents, I arrived at the conclusion that I have only useful things for when I’m out: phone, wallet, small makeup bag (containing concealer, face powder, mirror, lip balm, gloss, black eye-pencil, mini-stick perfume, hair brush, multifunctional pencil), toothbrush, toothpaste, hand cream, always, daily carefree, 2 types of wet wipes, hand sanitizer, handkerchiefs, chewing gum, pen, umbrella, sun glasses, small box (containing a couple of pieces of calcium, headache drops, No-Spa, vitamins).

  • Marlene Cassidy

    My must have and can’t live w/o in my purse is: Eucerin calming lotion! Baby lips by maybelline,mascara,M.A.C pressed powder, burt bee’s lipbalm,hair elastics,nail file, mini hair clips/claw, cell phone,gum, and hand sanitizer.

  • Kristen McGrew

    Where are the the receipts!? lol, i always have tons of receipts floating around my purse so annoying! I have a small cosmetic bag with a plethora of emergency items, mini (pink) flashlight, bandages, nail file, mirror, kleenex, wipes, carefree, hair tie, pen, hand sanitizer, etc..Wallet, camera, lip gloss, gum, I also usually have a small pack of crayons, hot wheel car, && a doll toy of some sort. I carry a large MK bag, it’s too heavy but i need it ALL! haha

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  • molly

    How are you able to actually carry a purse? I am so sad because with two babies under 3 I never get to leave home without a diaper bag. Help! How do I do it?

  • Lisa W.

    Sunglasses, usually two pair alike! An Army man, Hotwheels car, Bubble Tape Gum, post it note with some sort of shopping list or to do list on it. Nothing too exciting!

  • Cathy

    Totally love your Iphone case, so much lovely stuff :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  • Myeleah

    My purses got bigger & bigger & heavier. I started paring down to smaller bags until now I carry a “wristlet”, which is basically a slightly larger wallet! lol It carries the essentials: cash, coins, keys, phone & a few cards. My back & shoulders are happier. (I’m not a mom so it made the transition easier!)

  • desi

    This was so fun! I loved seeing what is in your purse and then again I didn’t. Because I was wondering, ok, where can I buy that and how can I get that? Love you! You are so fun and organized too! Wow!

  • Ali Schun

    Items that i didnt see others list:
    A purse hanger, so I never have to put purse on floor at restaurants.
    shout wipes

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  • Mitchsa6

    Does that pain stick really work? I have severe migraines also, I take medication daily for it and would love to come down a few milligrams.

  • karen yu

    beautiful pendants in my bag

  • cupcakeninja

    What is the bag? Loving it!!!