From the minutes following Finn’s birth to Hattie Cat’s first steps, I always make a point of capturing our family’s milestone moments on film. But I also believe that the moments and memories in between are just as important to preserve. Which brings me to my latest iPhone obsession…

Lately I’ve been using this amazing app called Vine. It’s a little bit like Twitter only you’re limited to 6 seconds of video instead of 140 characters. It’s super fun and perfect for busy mamas or kiddos with short attention spans. And hey, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a six second video must be worth at least an essay!

So today I wanted to share my first few Vine videos with everyone here on ediTORIal. From our crowded bed to beach day with the kids, here’s my life lately in 36 seconds:

This is how we sleep… Kids, dogs, and chicken

A girl just needs her coffee in the morning!

My model in the making Stella practicing her poses…

Mother’s Day beach-capades…

Stella making sand cakes…

And happy 40th birthday to me! #Paradise

Did you enjoy these mini documenTORI videos?

Let me know which one was your favorite.


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