This marks a momentous anniversary for Dean and I. Not only is it May 7th and we’ve officially been married seven years, but this marks what some call… The Seven-Year Itch. I’m especially excited for this year because I am proud that we defy stereotypes. We are more in love than ever. That is the reality of our sitch(uation). This man is my everything. He’s given me love and life in so many ways. I can still picture in my head the very first moment I turned and saw him. I still get that same flutter in my stomach when I look at him today. My heart smiles at his every glance. I love every fiber of his soul from the tiniest little freckle in between his fingers that I love to kiss to his overwhelmingly big heart that he wears on his sleeve. I’ve watched him cradle four babes we created together in his strong arms and he’s held me weeping during the most difficult of times. He’s the first and last person I want to see each day. His smell is intoxicating and his touch magical. His eyes are my comfort and his soul my forever. I celebrate our love and life together everyday, but today I give thanks that seven years ago alone on a beach in Fiji we became husband and wife. He is my partner in every way, shape, and form. I love my beautiful boy forever!




Photos: Andrew McPherson

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