picTORIal: My Very Special Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. For our Mother’s Day I decided to take a day trip with the kids to Santa Barbara. I love The Four Seasons Santa Barbara. It’s so close to L.A. yet feels like a different world. The lush gardens there are my favorite.


The kids and I.


Liam and Stella presented me with some adorable handmade Mother’s Day gifts.


We had an amazing brunch. This caviar trio screamed #Instagram moment!


Finn was here! This was all under his high chair when the meal was over. I kind of want to start a picTORIal series of “What’s Under Baby’s Highchair?” pics.


This marked Finn’s first trip to the beach. He loved watching the waves and putting his feet in the sand.


Hattie Cat loved the ocean. She is fearless!


She was all about making sand pies.


Liam and Stella dug for sand crabs.


Finn and I continued to cuddle seaside…


Me and my girls…


My friend Stacey Bendet, the founder/designer of Alice + Olivia, sent me this gorgeous dress to celebrate the birth of Hattie. As everyone knows I went from one pregnancy to the next. So, I’m proud to say I’m back to my pre-babies weight and can finally fit into this amazing frock!


And, who said a gown can’t be worn to the beach (or in the ocean)?


We had such a beautiful day seaside. What a glorious way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Perfection.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day.

What did you and your family do to celebrate?


  • nancy ann

    Absolutely beautiful – thanks for sharing your special Mother’s Day!

  • Cute Beltz

    Looks like you had a wonderful day with your babies!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! I love your dress, perfect for Mommy’s Day! I spent my First Mother’s Day with all of my lovely ladies: 1-with my Mom 2-with my Mother-in-law and Mom Moms…then back home…to my Pomeranian and my 2 main guys…my Husband and my little love, Mason. Who presented me with a Mommy & Son charm for my bracelet. The perfect day! The best part of the day was when…we took a photo with me, my son, and my Mom. Reason being is it was just in October that my Mom had a major stroke and wasn’t expected to make it past 3 days…and there we were celebrating Mother’s Day together! Never give up <3 PRICELESS!! xo

  • Monica L

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, pics and Mother’s Day with us Tori! That dress is stunning and yu in it!

  • Rachel Porter

    Gorgeous family! I love that the girls have matching swimsuits and outfits. Too cute!

  • Cherie H

    I work at King’s in Calabasas and had to work on Mothers Day. My day started off feeling sad and I missed my boys when I left to work. Sadness soon turned to smiles when I was told I had a new table to help. I walk over and there were my two boys waiting for me. They were holding roses and a card and had surprised me for lunch. My 17 year old drove my 12 year old almost 30 miles to surprise me. Best Mothers Day Ever!! Tori, I am such a huge fan and I am so happy for you and your family. Feel free to bring the family to my work, I would love nothing more than to meet you :)

  • X-el

    just wonderful pictures i like them
    thank you

  • Jewel.lm61

    What is that overhang of vegetation. It looks like gigantic honeysuckle behind you, or it is normal size honeysuckle hanging in front of the camera.

  • Jewel.lm61

    I got so excited over the honeysuckle. The photos were great, and they came out well. It looks as if everyone had fun at the beach on Mother’s Day.


    How Adoreable – ALLL of You – in The lush gardens!
    Thank you for sharing, Tory! Be Blessed!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    You and your kids are so beautiful, Tori! Thank you for sharing these precious photos with us.

  • mia Johnson

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I just took my first airplane trip to beautiful California. I was on the beaches there and enjoyed every moment. The memories from my photos will stay with me. Now I cant help but want to move to the area. Guess Santa Barbara will have to be another planned trip. The gardens are beautiful.

  • BLT

    GORGEOUS! I can’t tell if I love the photos or the dress or the kids best! Props to Dean if he was agent photographer this day. I am going to LA this week, disney land and all that jazz with my 5 year old Jules . Wishing I could get someone to take photos of us while daddy is stuck in training. Going to brain storm or buy a tripod. lol
    Happy mothers day T! You are an awesome Mom!

  • marie

    A beautiful family. You are an inspiration as a mother. You show your love and pride of family to the world. So a day late but a very happy Mother’s Day to one of the perfect ones – YOU!

  • Marie Al

    Tori, that is a beautiful spot. Butterfly Beach is great, fun for kids & dogs.
    I have taken my 3 year old there but not my twins yet. Looking forward to it.
    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  • Amanda

    I spent most of my day just hanging around with my mother. She found out last summer that she has cancer and cemo is not working for her, so I’m spending as much time as I can. So just sitting around with her is the best day for me right now.

  • love

    Beautiful tori:-) my mothers day was spent with my girls and grandson to be:-) :-)

  • joanne stubbs

    I see you had another special day with your little ones. Love, love the dress, for sure. One of my sons his wife and my grandson took my husband & I to our most favourite diner for brunch. It is all done up in the 50’s style and it is inexpensive and you get so much food, you can’t possibly eat it all! Times change, and my other kids all telephoned me, one out of the Province. We used to have wonderful adventures together when they were small like yours.
    Hope Liam wants his hair cut again, it looked so cute & boyish.

  • Margy Alkemade

    I absolutely LOVE the photo of you with Stella and Hattie. Its my new screen saver. x x x

  • Renee Duryee

    Great pics Tori!! Looks like you and the kiddos had a great day together! I am headed to Santa Barbara for work tomorrow for the next few days, so your beautiful pics in SB give me all the more reason to get in some beach time if I can:) PS…love your dress too!

  • Christelle B

    that picture of you with the kids on the banch is very beautiful. you look great in that dress. here we will celebrate it may 26, and since it’s just after my birthday (the 23) I guess I will have an “all in one”.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Words cannot be found to express how my heart goes out to you and your Mum. It seems the best day and the saddest day that you could spent this Mother’s Day together. We’ve lost my beloved Mum in law to breast cancer 14 yrs ago, but after all this time, it still feels bittersweet to celebrate this day. Wish the both of you loads of strength and albeit a virtual one, a warm hug.

  • J Hough

    I had a lovely weekend with my family. My nearly 6 year old couldn’t wait to give me all the things she’d made in school; a flower poster where each petal represented something she loves about me, a starter sunflower plant and a pen she picked out and paid for at her school shopping day that says “The Worlds best Mom!” She also wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but all we had were Fruit Loops, so Fruit Loops it was! She and her daddy picked out a lovely scarf when they went on a dinner date Friday night. My nearly 3 year old didn’t really get in on the action, but she enjoyed watching (and the peanut due in July kicked away happily). Later, we saw my mom and then had my in-laws over for a lobster dinner! It was delish!! Wish I’d taken pics of my girls enjoying their first real lobster supper. The photos of you and your family are so sweet. And congrats on being named “Mother of the Year” by Cedars-Sinai. I saw the story on the UsMagazine website yesterday.

  • Kimberly

    It looks like you had a great Mother’s Day Tori! The pictures are beautiful! I spent my Mother’s Day with my wonderful daughter as we went out and went riding thru the country and taking in all of the beauty of nature and then we topped it off with a delicious meal. It was a great Mother’s Day..glad that you had such a wonderful day! :)

  • Lynne Keeler

    My husband and I decided not to go out to dinner but to enjoy our 1 acre backyard and grilled at home. Baked potatoes, T-bone steaks from the Fresh Market and string beans. It was heavenly!

  • Sharon Kruschen

    I had a very nice day! Hubby made us breakfast in the morning. Then Sarah and I attended a birthday party. While Sarah was napping I went shopping (and bumped into Liza! Hi!) Later that evening we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Hummus Bar & Grill.

    Read more here http://www.mamachitchat.com/2013/05/mothers-day/

  • Darren Martin

    What amazing shots! Love all of them. The one with Finn is super cute. All frame worthy shots. You’re an amazing Mother T! Happy Mother’s Day to the hardest working Mom in showbiz!

  • desi

    What a beautiful setting and what a beautiful family! Love the dress and all the pictures. I love a dress that you can get wet in.

  • Myeleah

    LOVE the photo of you & Finn with his hand on your forehead! Precious! ALso love you & all the kidlets on the bench, lovely photos for great memories! ANY day at the beach is a holiday!

  • vermonter35

    Love your pics, so cute

  • Carolyn Levesque

    Tori is such a wonderful mother. Her children are beautiful

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  • yoly

    congratulation Tori you are a wonderfull mother

  • janealcala84

    Gorgeous pictures Mama! The kids are so beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!