Finn’s got major swag! On a recent outing to a local park in Malibu, all the toddleristas swooned as this mini crooner took a spin around the sandbox.


He may be four months shy of his first birthday, but I can already tell that my little Finn man is going to be a heartbreaker. He was turning heads from the swing set to the slide, strutting around like it was no big thing. From his shades to his striped sweatshirt to his mini fedora, Finn has got it going on. What can I say though—style must run in the family. Just look at his big sisters Hattie and Stella!

Do you know any eligible toddleristas who would like a sandbox date with Finn?

Well they’ll have to get in line!


P.S. Here’s another Finn Fashion moment you won’t want to miss.

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