Happy first day of May, mamas! I’m starting something brand-new this month on ediTORIal, and I think you’re going to love it. At the beginning of every month, you can now expect to see an ediTOR’s Letter just like the editor’s letter in a magazine. I’ll be sharing the current month’s theme and telling you a little bit about what that theme means to me.

This month’s theme is Mommyhood 101. Think of it as a crash course in motherhood from someone who’s doing it for the fourth time now. I’ll be sharing some of the tricks and tips I’ve learned raising my four babes, and I’ll also be turning to you—my ediTORIal community—for some advice of your own. We’ll discuss everything from sleep training to potty training, and I’ll also be debunking some of the biggest myths new mamas encounter. So stay tuned for all of the great content hitting ediTORIal this month. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Do you have any blog requests for the month of May?

Leave them in the comments below or tweet them at me with the hashtag #mommyhood101.



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