I receive a lot of tweets and private messages here on ediTORIal from fellow moms telling me how much I inspire them. I am so proud to be a role model to moms everywhere and especially the members of this incredible ediTORIal community. One of the things that inspires me as a mother is looking at all of my fellow mom warriors who are outside of the public eye. Mamas everywhere are juggling dirty diapers and potty training with marriages, careers, personal challenges, and charity work.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up (and this month’s Mommyhood 101 theme), I wanted to spotlight some other truly momspiring individuals. If you or another mama in your life deserves some special recognition, I want to know about it. Leave a comment below by end of day Monday, May 6th with your nomination for my first annual Mom Warrior Awards. I’ll be reading your submissions and personally choosing three moms’ stories to spotlight here on my site. The winners will also receive a Mother’s Day gift basket filled with goodies handpicked by yours truly from my store invenTORI.

Is someone you know a true Mom Warrior?

I can’t wait to read your stories.


Photo: Anonymous Art of Revolution

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