As a momista-of-four, I always look forward to Mother’s Day. We all work hard juggling babies, careers, hubbies and hobbies, and it’s nice to have a day to step back and be thankful for what we have. In the spirit of this month’s Mommyhood 101 theme, I want to give you the chance to ask me whatever you want about my life as a mom.

This Mother’s Day edition of Ask Tori is presented by my children’s clothing line, Little Maven, in partnership with one of my fave momista’s sites, cupcakeMAG. What do you want to know about mommy-dom at the McDermott house?

Submit your questions here on Little Maven’s Facebook page. I’ll be answering the questions that earn the most votes on a video—with a special shout out to you! Submissions and voting close midnight on Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

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