Ask Tori: Bedtime and School Lunches

You all blew me away with your response to our Ask Tori Mother’s Day series. I received so many questions about our life at home and how I juggle the kids, time with Dean, and my career. The best part was that you guys voted for the top questions. I’m so excited to share my answers with you.

In Part 1 (yes, there’s plenty more to come!), I’m sharing some details on how bedtime works at the McDermott house. Plus, I have a few tips on keeping lunchtime creative for Liam and Stella. Miss Stella loves her sushi and Liam can’t get enough peanut butter…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our routine. I have many more answers to come, so stay tuned for Ask Tori Parts 2, 3, and 4 on the Little Maven Facebook page. And don’t forget to check out our partner, CupcakeMAG for amazing momista fashion tips.

Do you have any creative ideas for school lunches?


  • Susan Grayson

    What???? No Closed Captioned for the Deaf!! I am soooo disappointing!

  • desi

    Oh, I LOVE your ideas for lunch! Stella is already into sushi! My boys love sushi too! Those are really healthy lunches. I love the questions and your answers. I really look forward to more! You are sooooo organized!

  • Laurie Fields

    Hover your mouse over the video when it’s playing & click on the ‘cc’ button to turn on closed captions.

  • Susan Grayson

    Thanks you!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Love these inside peeks into your life! I don’t know how it works in the US, but over here kids usually go home and eat their lunches at home, except for the days we work, which means 2 out of 5 days they stay at school for lunch. It sounds extremely boring but my offspring only wants the same (wholemeal multigrain) sandwiches every single time: a savoury and a sweet one. The latter usually means a Nutella sandwich, but sometimes they prefer honey, apple butter or chocolatesprinkles. The savoury one is definitely with cheese (I mean … The Netherlands? What else would we eat?) An apple, banana or other kind of fruit for a sweet end and a yoghurt drink to wash everything down. School provides a fresh cuppa tea. So nothing fancy here, but they go a long way with it.

  • Malin Magnusson

    Hi tori My name is malin and im