When I was pregnant with for the first time, I had Elizabeth Messina of Kiss The Groom capture the most stunning bump photos. Starting with Liam, Elizabeth’s photos became a family tradition, and I am so grateful to have her gorgeous belly shots for all four babes. These photos hold so many precious memories for me. It was a great way to document our growing family and the extraordinary experience of being preggers.

Here’s the shot I did with Liam and Stella with Hattie in my belly. To include them I let them make my belly bump their canvas. They loved it! And the finished abstract artwork was priceless. When I was pregnant with Finn, my three older babes left their handprints on my bump.


Lately, mamas are coming up with all sorts of cute and creative ways to capture the bump. So today I wanted to share a few ideas that I really love. I can’t say whether there will be another bump shoot in my own future, but these photos certainly provide some fun inspiration. Check them out and tell me which one is your favorite…

1. Air pump bump:

2. Baby Evolution:

3. Curves ahead:

4. Telephone with your toddler:

5. Baby, apple juice, beer bellies:

6. Bump smooch:

7.  Big-brother-to-be:

Did you do a maternity photoshoot when you were preggers?

Let me know below.


Photos: Patrice Laroche, Baby Space, Flickr/Kristen Michelle, Noel Small Photography, Stein Photography, Brooke Kelly Photography, Mom*tog


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