What’s in My Bag? Part 1


After giving you all a peek inside my closet a couple weeks ago, I got a ton of requests to do a video showing you everything that’s in my bag. As a busy momista, it’s been a while since I really cleaned out my purse. I pretty much carry my entire life inside there. But instead of staging the perfect purse for this video, I wanted to just put it all out there so that you could get a realistic picture of what I carry with me on an average day. From a spool of twine (yes, twine) to my lucky fish clip, here’s an exclusive look at what’s inside my bag. You never know what you’re going to find in there…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my purse. I’ll be sharing Part 2 next week, so stay tuned. And if you want to try my favorite Jackie Oh! Organic powder, here’s the line’s Facebook page.

What kind of stuff do you have in your purse right now? Is it as eclectic as mine?



  • Ashley Taylor

    Yes, nothing beats a mom purse! Let’s just say that I feel your pain…I found things in my purse that no one should be carrying around! 😉

  • X-el

    In my bag there are much 3 dress handkerchiefs: the first has the interieur lmes papers card(map) of identite papers of car etc. 2nd credit card my cosmetics and in the 3rd of discount coupons …………..:) my keys and my sunglasses

  • Amanda Rozell

    I have a 2yr old son and 6 month old daughter and I have switched to a smaller cross body purse (from target) and just leave my diaper bag in the car . But this purse can hold a lot more then I thought. There’s a little toy car, bag of a 2 yr olds trail mix ( goldfish, Cheerios, craisins) water cup, a diaper for each, a few wipes, must have Carmax Chapstick, lipstick, wristlet wallet, pacifier with clip, and of course the keys and phone

  • Danielle Tomwing

    Butt paste and baby wipes! Baby wipes… not just for babies. :)

  • Susie

    My bag is a hot mess too! This was a great post. Mine has to much stuff in it!

  • Kimberly

    Interesting stuff in your purse! Mine has everything in it from baby wipes, day planner, make-up bag and brush, etc. My purse ends up feeling like it weighs 50 pounds! I cannot go anywhere without my purse though. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in your bag!

  • Rachel Carbonara Byrne

    I think all of us mommies purses are like that. Just the other day I was cleaning mine out and found a toy car, 2 balls the boys got from Old Navy, some fun fruits, of course my make up and wallet. I always have receipts too that for some reason I keep even if its for like a happy meal from Mcdonalds and then weeks later I am like why do I still have this and then throw them all away. When my boys were younger I always had baby wipes and lately have been thinking I should keep them still cuz sometimes we will go someplace and the table or something is dirty and I’m like I wish I had some wipes…

  • CHLsMom3

    As a mom of 2 (almost 3 – Due mid-Aug), I always carry band-aids & neosporin. I also carry Children’s Pepto Chewable tablets. I have hair stuff – like elastic bands and clips.I wear contacts, so I always have eye drops. I, at any given time, have 5-10 lip glosses in my purse. I have a little bag full of different kinds of medicine for adults. Even though I am pregnant, I still have some ladies items in my bag. I have tissues, a snack, gum, a pen, various kinds of keys, sunglasses, my grocery list for the week, and a Ladies Emergency Kit – which has a nail file, thread & needles, tweezers, floss, & double sided tape. I amazingly have this all organized.

  • Ang

    Hi Tori! What is the make up powder you mentioned in your bag? I couldn’t understand the name of the woman who makes it. Thanks!

  • Kimberly Smith
  • Kimberly Smith
  • June Noway

    If you can, invest in a tablet. I wish they where around when my kids where young. I never leave home without mine. Imagine, music, books, games to keep anyone occupied. No more lists or heavy planners and internet is available in a lot of places for free. These days you can even use coupons right from a tablet in many stores.
    I don’t know about you ladies ,but my daughter and I have cosmetic bags and the only time we use them are when we organize our purses.Then we just grab the make up for quick use and toss it back in our purse and end up with an empty make up bag.I also carry a fold able shopping bag.
    I’ve always used a purse with shorter straps. My doctor says they’re better for your posture as a longer bag can cause strain on your bones.
    There is somewhat of and end to the insanity when your kids are grown,then it’s mostly just your mess.

  • desi

    Wow, Tori, I LOVE all your videos! This one is so cool, seeing in your purse. You read my mind because I was sitting here wondering about that face powder. I love organic makeup. In my purse now I have my favorite Oakley glasses (never leave home without them), my Bare Escentuals lipgloss, a tweezer, cell phone and my wallet. Always spare change in the bottom and several pens. Look forward to your part 2!!!

  • Wendy Hughes

    LMBO sorry that is so funny people want to know whats in your purse.. I can’t imagine what other things people ask you.. My question to you is do you confront people that judge you as a parent or do you ignore them? Perfect example.. Since moving here to FL from AZ I have met the MOST judgemental people that are all in my business if I vaccinate, circumcise, breastfeed, have my daughter facing forward until she is 16 (LMBO not really but pretty much) and just about anything else. In AZ my friends and I could care less what you did as long as you fed your kids food and not rat poisoning.. With that being said do people act like that to you since your a movie star and in you can’t fart without people knowing lol.. Hope I didn’t confuse you I have a 21 month old trying to tag up her books and I am about to rip my hair out.. ((hugs)) Thanks Wendy

  • Marilyn from DC

    Hey Tori:
    That was great! Can’t wait to see part 2! In a future video, would you consider doing what are your beauty/skin/hair/fragrance must haves? Similar to the beauty profile InStyle does with a different actress/singer every month,or such as in the makeup blog, their column called “The Top Shelf”?

    You always look stunning, (you were also stunning when you were pregnant)and I am sure all sorts of your blog readers would love to know what your favorites are!

    Until your next video T – Marilyn :-)

  • Erica Dee

    When it comes to a woman’s bag, there is a little bit of everything :)
    Great post!!

    Erica Dee

  • Silje

    Great -Love it :)!! You have 4 kids, so you must have a Diaper Bag ? Whats in the Diaper Bag ? :)

  • Erin

    I like these kinds of videos. Keep them coming. I always carry bandaids, stickers and suckers for the kids in my purse. I too have a cocktail ring in my purse or car at all times.

  • Faith | Ordinary Mommy Design

    So fun! I currently have about 3 zipper pouches in my purse to curtail the mess & organize things a bit. With 3 kids always asking me to stick stuff in there while we’re out I need to be able to find things!

  • Katieor

    Love this! ha! I have four kids too… 3 boys… so I have matchbox cars and lolly pops for bribery… and my little girl requires me to keep bracelets and jelly beans!

  • Jill K

    I like the purse… big and roomy, who makes it?

  • Rosanna Wacker

    I have added twine to my list…:)

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  • cupcakeninja

    Somebody, anybody…..what is the bag? I’m dying here!!!!