After introducing my new sarTORIal fashion series on the site last week, I wanted to share some more of my style by taking you on a little tour of my closet. I obviously love clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry, and I call myself a “collector” (aka hoarder… ha ha) of fabulous vintage pieces. So, I wanted to show you my closet, and I thought we could start off with a peek at some sentimental clothing items. Sometimes I’ll just be going though my closet and I’ll be like, “Aw, I remember when I wore that,” and the memories start flowing back to me. From my most iconic Donna Martin dress to the top I wore on my first date with Dean, here’s my little sarTORIal walk down memory lane…

I’ll be sharing more sentimental items on my blog next week, so stay tuned for Part 2.

Do you remember seeing any of these pieces on me?


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