Milestone Monday: Finn’s First Tooth

It’s official, Finn’s a foodie!


When you have four babes that are six and under, it seems like someone is reaching a new milestone every week. Our latest McDermott milestone belongs to Finn. My little Finn man officially popped out his first tooth last week! It’s still barely peeking out from his gummy smile, but sure enough there’s a little pearly white in his mouth. And in true foodie fashion, he’s already chowing down (well, gumming the juice) on steak with the rest of the crew…

How old were your kiddos when they popped their first tooth?


  • Jacki Dorn

    I have 3 girls – 3 and under and yes time goes by so fast and they are always doing something new every day…. my youngest who will be 8 months on Friday just popped her two bottom teeth!!

  • X-el

    i have 3 childrens :) 14/11 and 3 y.o .and is t not easy every day :s

  • Mickey

    My oldest son got his first tooth at the age of 10 months. My second son started teething very early: He got his first tooth at the age of 14 weeks (3 1/2 months) and then he got another four (yes, 4) teeth within the following two weeks, so he had 5 teeth at the age of 4 months. (He has been an early bird in so many ways 😉

  • Cox Clan

    My oldest got her first tooth at about 10 months and it was an upper left side tooth, next to her canine tooth. My 4th got her first one at 3 months and my other 3 were around 6 months. Crazy how it ranges from child to child, even with same parents and all ! Always an adventure, parenthood is!!! Just flies by soo fast!!!

  • Myeleah

    Awww! He is all smiles! Doesn’t look like teething has made him grumpy at all!

  • desi

    Oh, I can’t believe little Finn has his first tooth already! He picked a good thing to start chewing on! Oh, and what a cutie he is!!!

  • joanne stubbs

    I think he is such a perfect looking baby. I, too had 4 under 6 and then one more, so it was 5 under 9 I wish that we had a video camera back then, but we just had an 8 mm camera, fun to watch but there is no sound, LOL. We have a video camera now, so we can enjoy it with the grandkids.

  • BLT

    Adorable! hehe ! Does he like totally whiz around the house in the walker chasing the other kids?

  • Camjay77

    My one daughter just turned 4 mos when she got her first two bottom teeth

  • Marvelous Marketing

    Most Marvelously CUTE Family EVER!

  • Adrienne Vee

    Well, I DO I see the first set of baby brown eyes in that family?

  • Cammy Gollner

    I was wondering the same thing

  • Eva Shareshian

    What a Sweetie! Finn And Hattie look just like you :)

  • Leigh-ann Perelli-Minetti

    My oldest popped his out at 3 months and my little one had his first at 6 months:)

  • Kimberly

    Awww…he is too cute!! My daughter was 8 months when her first tooth came in.

  • Jordan Yaworski

    So precious!

  • lynnet40

    Great parents!

  • Rosanna Wacker

    PRECIOUS! One of my son’s actually didn’t get his first tooth until he was 11 months old. My daughter got her first tooth at 4 months. They are all so different.

  • Wanda Pender

    I didn’t think my daughter would EVER get teeth! lol. She was a year old and only had her two front teeth and two bottom ones, needless to say she lived on mashed potatoes and gravy because I was too scared to let her have solids! lol. No way would I have given her steak like Finn seems to be enjoying. ;]

  • 3monkeys

    This is absolutely adorable! My son Leo, (he’s my 3rd child) is 8 months old and just got his first tooth as well (on Tuesday 4/23) and five days later he got his second tooth. The two front teeth on the bottom. I have not given him steak though…..maybe I should try that. I’m sure he would love it!

  • Dramos8097

    My son, Elias, who turned one on Friday, cut his first tooth at 4 months. Actually, he cut two teeth at the same time. The next round of teeth was a total of 4 teeth that came through all at once. Now he has a total of 8 teeth in his mouth, not bad for a one year old.

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  • janealcala84

    My Son was 4 months and my Daughter was 9 months!!! My Son who is 5 actually just lost his bottom front two teeth!!! I thought this was very early but he did get those teeth at 4 months… Finn is such a cutie!

  • Jay Rhey Moses

    Finn Is adorable ♥ You have absolutely Beautiful Children ♥

  • kimi

    At last! A baby looking like you T! Gorgeous brood that you have!