Happy Earth Day! As a mom-of-four, it’s important that I teach all my babes how to take care of the Earth. Dean and I both teach the kids about recycling and saving energy, and we even compost in our house. I want our planet to be a happy and healthy place not just for my kids, but for my future grandkids and great-grandkids too. A few weeks ago Liam came up to me and said, “I turned off the lights in the playroom because I don’t want the Earth to get sick.” It was really cute, and I was so proud of my Monkey for taking such good care of our planet.


In honor of Earth Day, we all had Earth pancakes and Earth limeade for breakfast this morning. To make the pancakes, we started with our special homemade batter with cinnamon, agave, and vanilla extract. Next, we divided the batter into two bowls and added a few drops of blue food coloring into one bowl and green food coloring into the other. Finally, I spooned the blue batter onto the griddle and then drizzled some green batter on top of that to make the continents. These pancakes were another delicious reminder of how important it is to take care of our home planet—it’s the only one we’ve got!



How do you teach your kids to take care of the Earth?

I’d love it if you shared your own stories and tips in the comments.



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