Haute Hattie: Hattie Dressed Herself


The other day Hattie decided she wanted to play dress-up in her big sissy’s clothes, and like the good older sister she is, Stella allowed her to rifle through her drawers. We waited patiently for Hattie to finish dressing for her fashion show, and this little ensemble is what she decided to strut her stuff in.

Hattie is becoming quite the fashionista, isn’t she? Just like her mama and big sister. I think the pink undies on her head shows her very unique style and might just end up being the newest fashion statement. Ha ha! Oh my Hattie Cat… Always good to have a sense of humor in fashion!

What are some of the funniest outfits your little ones have dressed themselves in?



  • ErinK

    Hattie really does have a sense of humour! She made me laugh!

  • Jewel.lm61

    Tori, when I saw your e-mail come through and saw the subject line, I thought, “Oh Lord! I have GOT to see what Hattie Cat is wearing in this picture!” When I saw her, I just hollered, Tori! Please make sure that Patsy sees this picture. If I lived with y’all, my tummy would be hurting everyday from laughing at the things that the children do and say! As Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies would say, “Wee doggie!”

  • Cristina C-Sundelin

    Soooo sweet !!

  • desi

    Oh, she is absolutely adorable! I love the underwear on the head and pink too! She is a little model already!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    we were having something like a princess house get toghether at my house and my 15 month old daughter shows up in the living room with nice pink lacy underwear and her pretty dress tucked in to it. Thank GOd my mom had just bought it and put it on top of her bed so it was still pretty and shinny. of course we took pictures, she was so confused, she had no idea why these crazy people where laughing and taking pictures of her, I she did was put underwear on.

  • Lemon Meringue

    My 5 year old son made an early Saturday morning hilarious surprise visit in our bedroom in his pj’s, superblond just-out-of-bed-hair with my fire engine red, vintage, seventies platform shoes!

  • tristensmommy

    when my son, who’s now almost 16, was about 4, we went to my parents one morning. as my mom answered the door she looks at him and says good morning and all the regular stuff. he darts from us to my dad and my mom says to me…who dressed him like that? I told her he did! he had on footed PJs, cowboy boots, and his batman cape. totally ridiculous looking but an angel! he was so proud of himself and those are the BEST moments!

  • Kitty Manos

    hehe, i did this when i was her age tooo!

  • Jana Klenda

    I know this fashion, it is going around. My one year old wears his big brother’s undies on his head too.

  • Momma Used To Say

    Hattie just created a new style and she is serious about it! Hi.lar.i.ous!

  • Renate Uhl

    she is really growing as are the other kids.

  • Myeleah

    When ya got it, ya got it! She rocks the look! 😉

  • JSunshine

    We are in the hat stage too!! Tupperware cabinet provides a wonderful hat selection for the whole family–dogs included! (See profile pic 😉 )

  • Tj

    I must be a mommy, I wasn’t concerned about what she was wearing, Let kids be kids, wear it while she can. I was more worried about those red feet, I hope she is ok.

  • shannon evans

    Shes so adorable! i love watching them grow. Your doing great tori and Dean!

  • Danielle Tomwing

    Funny I thought our little girl was the only one that thought undies on her head was a fashion statement. lol Very cute!



    Although my daughter (the youngest) is grown and gone, I remember those days very clearly. Both my son and daughter wore the very best and latest fashions. When I went shopping for me, she would hide in the clothes racks while the clerks kept an eye on her. (LOL) Trying on her clothes was an interesting event. Sometimes she was all for it. Other times, she couldn’t be bothered. (She would get a “tude”. It was always fun, though. I would always hold up outfits and say, “That would look so good on you!” The first time she did it to me was hilarious! Hardly big enough to hold up an outfit for me, she took something off the rack and (parrot-like) said, “Oh mommy! This would look so good on you!” Well, I feel to the floor laughing my head off, needless to say. These days, she lives in Texas, several states away. But, she always calls me when shopping for clothes and takes pics and sends to me the possibilities for my opinion. You have that to look forward to!