Now that you’ve seen our whole journey with Finn, I wanted to share some other special McDermott family moments with you. Back in October when Miss Hattie turned one, we had a big birthday bash for her (you may remember my picTORIal from the party), and in addition to taking tons of party pics, we also shot some home videos. I wanted to share these videos so you could get an inside look at the party planning process and watch some of our family’s most special moments.

For Hattie’s party we decided to go with the Alice in Wonderland theme, with our birthday girl dressed up as “Mad Hattie.” As with any party at the McDermott home, we prepped and planned for weeks, making sure every single detail would reflect the party’s theme and that each family member (dogs included!) had the perfect costumes. After weeks of planning, the day of the party had finally come. It was time to turn our front yard into Wonderland and prepare for our guests to arrive…

After the décor was in place, the table had been sufficiently covered in sweets, and the food was ready to eat, it was time to get the whole family dressed in our Alice and Wonderland finest.

So far, the party was off to the great start… and it was about to get a whole lot better! Stay tuned because next week I’ll be posting the next documenTORI video of Hattie’s party, where our birthday girl surprised all of us by hitting a huge milestone!

How did you celebrate your little one’s first birthday?


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