By now you’ve seen our whole journey with Finn… from our final doctor appointment, to picking the perfect fabric for my hospital gown, to heading to the hospital and finally walking into the operating room.  It was tough at times, but worth every second of it. Once the kids met Finn, our family was complete.

The day after Finn came into this world, my mom and some of our closest friends came to the hospital to meet our newest babe.  My mom and Mehi brought some of my fave chic foodie indulgences, Rosé Champagne and caviar, to celebrate the momentous occasion. So we gladly welcomed our littlest man into this world with a toast:

Although the journey was tough at times, I wouldn’t change a thing. Finn taught me so much about strength, hope and perseverance, and he will always be my sweet Miracle Baby.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the journey with Finn… I made these videos for my family and to share with you guys, my online family.  And although this is the last documenTORI video about Finn’s birth, there are many more to come from other special moments in our lives. So stay tuned for more documenTORI… next up is Hattie’s first birthday party!

Which Finn documenTORI video was your favorite?


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