Creative Ways to Organize Your Craft Closet

I’m not going to lie to you; as a busy mom-of-four, spring-cleaning often takes a backseat to changing diapers, driving to afterschool sports, and cooking dinner. But this year is going to be different! I’m making it my mission this spring to tackle one room at a time and whip the house into perfectly organized shape. My first order of business is the craft closet. Crafting can get messy, but that doesn’t mean that your supplies can’t be kept neat and tidy. I’m pretty good about keeping my craft supplies neat, but there’s always room for improvement. So, I’ve been doing a little research and I found a few creative ways to keep organized. Here are a few of my favorite innovative ideas that I wanted to share with all my fellow craftistas…

Use an egg carton to store your sewing kit:


Use a pillbox for beads, pins and eyelets:


Use a colander to keep yarn from getting tangled:


Use tension rods to hang spools of ribbon:


Use a spice rack to organize acrylic paints:


Use an ice tray to store odds and ends:


Use plastic milk jugs for colored pencils, markers, and paintbrushes:


Make a mason jar pin cushion:


Have any brilliant ideas of your own? How are your spring cleaning efforts going?

Let me know in the comments.


Photos: Better Homes and Gardens, Helen’s Corner,, Sew Many Ways, Alejandra, Home Made Simple, Make, Simple Dimples

  • KellieGreene

    I organize by collecting awesome wrapping papers and wrapping cereal boxes or other recyclable goodies to organize craft stuff so everything looks similar :) I have trouble following through craft projects though:( Thank you! I admire your style, momsense and business savvy!! Go T!!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Looks perfect for Pinterest! And definitely super cute ways to store your supplies! :)

  • Jen Carres

    Here is a fun craft/gardening idea that is sweeping the county.
    Grow a pet TickleMe Plant from seeds in the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. Paint the Greenhouse. In a few week watch how the leaves of the TickleMe Plant move like an animal when Tickled. Check it out

  • X-el

    what’s a good idea ^^ i like it it s very amazing :)

  • That Party Chick

    This article has inspired me to organize! I am a crafter with a party business that I run from my home. My home office needs so much help! Thanks so much for the inspiration and tips!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Sigh … I am postponing the spring-cleaning for three weeks now, due to ongoing freezing weather, coronationparty planning and hitting the big 4-0 (I am still alive and it doesn’t hurt … very much). But this weekend, start of Spring-break in our parts of the world, I won’t be procrastinating any longer … methinks. It’s a comforting thought though I am not the only one who has to find the courage and the time to tackle this job. Thanks T!

  • Fallinlove
  • Tracey Kennedy

    I keep art supplies and school supplies in hanging shoe holders. Each pocket holds a different type of item. You can hang them on the back of a door or on a wall using the grommet holes on top. I love the pill box idea for small items I think I’m going to try this one.

  • desi

    I LOVE the Mason jar pin cushion…Yeah, you have to keep the craft area neat and organized. Otherwise, you just feel overwhelmed!

  • ediTORIal

    How clever! We love that Idea! – Team ediTORIal

  • ediTORIal

    Please, pin away! So glad you liked the ideas. – Team ediTORIal

  • Becks

    I got one of those over the door pantry holders for my craft closet and it holds ribbon, jars, paper, and well about anything that over flows from my craft area. I also love big baskets for stuff like my scrapbook paper and mesh ribbon rolls. I have way to many supplies!

  • Michelle Hill

    I just cleaned and re-did my whole craft room… ;) I love organizing stuff… I also cleaned out each of the kids rooms that is a HUGE undertaking.. Here is my updated craft room lots of ways to get stuff organized.. have fun cleaning out!!!

  • Linda Tr

    I like what I see sweety ♥

  • Hilary

    Great tips! Thanks. I have a question for you though… how in the world do you make time for everything that you do on a daily or weekly basis??!! I work full time and my husband and I take turns watching our 18 month old (based on our work schedules) and I can’t seem to make any time to do anything extra beyond making dinner and cleaning. :-( I would love to have time to get some scrapbooking done again (haven’t done much since my daughter was born).

  • Renate Uhl

    it all looks very organized and tidy.

  • Lindsay

    I went to a comic book store and bought the cardboard inserts they use to keep comics stiff. They are 100 for $15. I used them to wrap my fabric around, like mini bolts. They fit on a shelf so they are organized, easy to see!

  • marie

    You made a light bulb go off! the spring rods for ribbon is fantabulous! Since I use bookcases to keep crafts stored this is perfect,space saving and easy to use. Thanks for all you do.

  • Diana

    What GREAT ideas. Can’t wait to try them! :)

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  • Karen Driscoll

    I love your storage ideas, we recently got a new dishwasher, and before they took the old one away, I grabbed the silverware tray, and I now use it in my craft room on my desk as a tool caddy. You will not believe how many tools, pens, markers, ect. that it holds!! Karen♥

  • karen yu

    i see nice and special beads here

  • Samantha Watters

    Just blogged about this! We love Tori Spelling and her ideas always rock!

  • MUM

    Hi just another tip for the pill box. When I go away and I may wear a gold chain, then the pill box becomes the container for the drop,the ring and earrings..

  • Brookelynn

    Love your ideas!